Who You Hate Is Who You Are…

Maybe it’s time to diversify when it comes to politics. The two-party system just seems totally incompatible now. It forces us into one of two political camps that probably doesn’t align that much with what your feelings are about government’s role in the world.

I don’t believe there is a “perfect” way to doing government, but I am becoming increasingly convinced that the two-party system is not even a good way now. With a two-party system, there is almost always one that controls power and one that is almost helpless to force a compromise. Now it seems that who you hate is who you are. We are mostly driven by what we are against than what we are for.

This time around I know I am against the current Oval Office Occupant more than I am for Biden. Biden is a good enough guy to trust with our government, but he might not be my choice if a respectable candidate were available in a GOP of past decades. So, right now it is 99.9% against and 0.1% for. I am convinced that our nation cannot survive another four years with the current incompetent at the reins.

The political gurus call this negative partisanship and even if one dominates the partisanship, both parties play that game as was obvious from their political conventions. This is not new, historian Henry Adams defined politics as the “systematic organization of hatreds.” It was true in the Civil War era when he said it and just as true today.

I am becoming more and more convinced that we should migrate to more political parties in our election process. A half dozen would not be too many. At least then we voters would have a chance to select a candidate who we might actually be for, at least for the topic he champions. It would also make sure that no party had a strangle hold on power as coalitions would be an assured necessity. I know this system hasn’t worked out so great for Great Britain recently but it is still worth a try don’t you think?

In the coming weeks I will be putting out several posts on many areas we need to accomplish to protect our democracy from an almost inevitable destruction if we continue going the way we are.

23 Days