Lie After Lie…

In this final week before the elections I will be spending 24/7 talking about it and the future of America. If you hear nothing else the thing I want to tell you is


I know all politicians lie or at least exaggerate to one degree or another but to see an Oval Office occupant lie over 20,000 times in four years and hundreds of time during a presidential debate is stupefying. But, then again everything this guy does is stupefying, isn’t it? And yet, all the MAGA clan gobble every lie up as if it were God’s truth. That, in the end is the most threatening thing to our democracy.

I know you may be tired of hearing about all those lies. I’m tired of writing about them. But, maybe there is one MAGA person out there who is still salvageable. Maybe he will come to his senses with these words?

Looking at the reviews of the last debate some called #CO3 (current Oval Office occupant) nasty, some called him vulgar, and they all called him a habitual liar. Some said he needed to show a more presidential view but just didn’t have it in him. They said Biden was the old jalopy while #CO3 was running on fumes. Some say “Biden shook his head in disbelief, smiled the way you do at an incorrigible toddler.” And that pretty much explains the last view of #CO3 that really matters. He did everything his MAGA clan expected but since they are by no means a majority of eligible voters, it will be up the the rest of us to firmly eject him from the highest office in the land.

I’m sure #CO3 has been given lots of advice on how to salvage his hold on the office, but he utterly lacks the humility to take cues from anyone. He lives in his own little world as he always has and simply can’t see anything else. That will be his downfall. His heart is completely void an any empathy for what the average citizen is facing during these times. He just doesn’t get it, and never has.

I will try in the days after his utter defeat to have compassion on his MAGA clan. They will have lost their perceived savior and will be even more dreadfully fearful of the times ahead than ever. They need a serious dose of compassion and maybe even some hugging. Jesus tells me to love EVERYONE, so I will go out of my way not to gloat and tell them “I told you so…” but that doesn’t mean that I can’t celebrate the rescue of our democracy coming in 8 days that is if the rest of us do our constitutional duty to vote.

8 days

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