Having To Answer Your Grandchildren When…

I’m not sure there is a way to get the Republican Party back toward the center of politics. The current Oval Office occupant and his co-conspirators in the Senate have maybe pushed them beyond where a return is even possible. Will they repent of their tragic mistakes after he is gone? Will they ask for forgiveness?

I think the most powerful reason for repentance is the following.

How are you going to answer to your children and grandchildren as to why you didn’t stand for your principles in the face of such ugliness and untruth?

Twenty years from now how will you explain why you didn’t do more to save the environment? Saying “I didn’t think it was that bad” will no excuse. This is just one of many areas of life where you have turned a blind eye to America’s future. But, maybe it will be the most important one for them

It was once a party that said budgets matter, and we need to pay our way instead of putting it on the backs of future generations. What happened to that idea?

The GOP was once the party of “family values”, what happened to totally reverse that idea? A basic part of family values is the inalienable right of healthcare for all. How could you work so fiercely to dismantle affordable healthcare without even a hint of what would replace it? What happened to that family value?

Why did you destroy the integrity of our public institutions by only thinking of the short term? Why did you abandon the idea of the “Common Good” in favor of total party allegiance?

I could go on and on, but I think you get the idea. It might just be too late for you to start thinking beyond tomorrow because you might not exist that long. I think these days will be the tragic end of Lincoln’s part.

6 Days

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