The Ten Years Between November 4 and January 21

Here we are only 4 days until we have a pretty good idea whether those who still have some sanity left have voted the despicable narcissist out of the Oval Office. If that doesn’t happen then see the graphic above as that will certainly be our future. If it does happen then the title applies. 😎

Because we haven’t updated our constitution frequently enough to keep it up with the times there are 77 days after the election before his very needed replacement takes over. 250 years ago that time was needed to carry the election results from the countryside to the nation’s capital. Of course that happens instantaneously now but the archaic law hasn’t been changed. I fear how much damage he will do in that time?

If it is even close, and I don’t think it will be, then he may try to hang on as his hero Putin has done successfully so far. If you haven’t voted yet, millions and millions of us have, PLEASE go vote next Tuesday. Even a 10 hour wait would be nothing compared to four more years of this idiot.

4 more days

3 thoughts on “The Ten Years Between November 4 and January 21

    1. I have been through 12 different presidential transfers and up to now they have all been peaceful. But we have never had such a despicable person like the present one. I don’t think that the GOP is willing to go down in flames and support a revolution to keep him there. Once he is defeated they will drop him like a smelly dog he is.

      I am optimistic about him being utterly defeated, any other possibility is unthinkable to me.

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