Compost For The Next Generation…

I am going to use this Sunday post as one of the last in the political arena. Starting mid-November I will be making some fundamental changes in what I post about here at RJsCorner. More on that later…

Let’s start off with some explanations for the logic behind the core of this post. I have had a veggie garden for most of my life. It started with a small patch in the post-war 1950s suburbs, and went through a 50×300 ft garden in my high school days to my now 10x25ft patch in my recent retirement years.

All those years I have understood the importance of composting. It is about gathering garden leftovers, summer grass clipping and fall foliage into a pile to enrich the soil for next year’s garden. Without compost future gardens just aren’t as productive.

Now that this is explained I will move on to the importance of composting in the political world. I couldn’t say it better than a recent Guardian post clip shown below:

This quote was in reference to the GOP’s drastic actions to hold onto power as long as absolutely possible. It primarily talks about McConnell, Graham, and #CO3 (current Oval Office occupant). They are described as withered old conservatives who are going down into the ground as mulch for the coming changes in the world. It describes the drama currently unfolding as exactly what it looks like when people in power sense their inevitable demise. Nothing could epitomize this more than the recent Supreme Court hypocrisy.

I will mention here that at a lesser level the same thing is happening in the Democratic Party. There are just way too many people who refuse to become compost for future generations. They are intent on deciding how our children and grandchildren will live out their lives even when theirs will soon end. Plain and simple, it’s time to let future generations decide their own fate.

With that in mind, when you vote this coming Tuesday, take a look at all the down-ballot elections. I am especially pleading with my neighbors to the south in Kentucky to think about replacing the primary obstruction to any progress in the country in recent years. Plain and simple it is way past the time for him to do. So, do us all a favor and get him out of DC.

There comes a time when we Baby Boomer have to leave it up to Millennials and Gen Z to decide what their world will look like. That time is NOW.

2 thoughts on “Compost For The Next Generation…

  1. ABSOLUTELY agree! Both on the old white man issue and the need for good garden compost 😉 Maybe 2024 will bring candidates from 35-55 to the ballot only???? A (59yo) girl can hope right?

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    1. Yeah, good compost that is the answer to all our problems in the US. 😉
      From what I read about Kamala Harris she looks like a potential here in 2024. I hope Biden puts a lot on her, so she will get the experience needed.

      Until recently, I have always been proud of what we Baby Boomers accomplished. I’m at the beginning of that generation and you are at the end of it. It looks like baby boomers we will end the same way as all the previous generations have in clinging to power way too long. We need to get out of the way because the times they are a changin as Bob Dylan so aptly said 50+ years ago.

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