With An Empty Heart…

I believe we are all born with an empty heart and some of us fail to even begin filling it during our lives. There is nothing more tragic than an aged person with an empty heart. A person who feels no kinship with others, a person like Ayn Rand, who feels that empathy is a scourge of mankind.

Most of us, but certainly not of all fill our hearts with among other things, family and close friends. Unfortunately, that is as far as it goes with too many. I sadly see evidence of that, especially on social feeds. Instead of softening their hearts with empathy they have hardened them and are blind others. Most of these folks seem to proudly carry the label of MAGA and think of a very unstable narcissist as their savior.

#CO3 (current Oval Office occupant) is not intellectually stupid. I imagine that his I.Q. at least average, but he clearly displays someone who has an empty heart. As New York Times columnist wrote on a 9/11/20:

He has moral and emotional stupidity. He blunders so often and so badly because he has a narcissist’s inability to get inside the hearts and minds of other people. It’s a stupidity that in almost pure clinical form, flows out of his inability to feel, a stupidity of the heart. Through his own failures, Trump illustrates by counterexample that the heart is the key to understanding. To accurately size up a human situation you have to project a certain quality of attention that is personal, gentle, respectful, intimate and affectionate — more moving with and feeling into than simply observing with detachment.

David Brooks – New York Times

How much of this general lack of empathy in the US is #CO3’s fault is hard to say. I certainly know it won’t disappear after he is out of the headlines. There always have been and will continue to be Q-Anon and other such heartless stupidity among those with empty hearts. The important thing is that those of us who speak for the vast majority make sure via our votes that the empty-hearts stay in the background and never again get control of our country.

2 more days

2 thoughts on “With An Empty Heart…

    1. I hope there are MILLIONS of us in the same boat as you and me Marquita. In two days we should have a pretty good view on the direction our country will go. Either a glimmer of hope or going deeper into the gutter are the possibilities. Let’s pray it is the former.

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