I know the graphics above is usually reserved for Christian topics, but I am using it to rejoice that the despicable person currently residing in the Oval Office will soon be gone. Just 72 more days before he is evicted. HALLELUJAH.

I’m sure that President Biden will be busy through the night of January 20, 2021, signing executive orders undoing as much of the damage as quickly as possible. The rest will take time, especially if the Republicans keep control of the Senate. I know these hateful lying times are not quite over. Given his time in office up till now, I expect #CO3 (Current Oval Office occupant) may just leave a scorched earth before he is gone. There are two likely scenarios to how this plays out.

1) He will try his best to do as much damage as he can with the time he has left. Once it becomes obvious to even him that his lawsuits won’t work, and he can’t con his way into staying there any longer, he will spend his remaining days firing almost everyone and writing even more damaging executive orders.
2) The second possibility is that he just resigns and walks away with the belief that this country doesn’t deserve him. This scenario is somewhat more typical of extreme narcissists, so I am hoping that it plays out. Let Pence be the president for a few days to handle the extreme disorganization he leaves behind.

As I said in a recent post, I think maybe Joe Biden is really what is needed right now. He is a uniter whereas #CO3 was a divider. He plays nice and #CO3 was constantly in-your-face. I just hope that he can somehow break the endless cycle of not holding the other party accountable for this previous malfeasance. How we do that is a balancing act, but we can no longer naively let bygones be bygones. There must be consequences.

I want to close out this post on a more personal level. These five days of being away from RJsCorner and the Internet have given me time to calmly reflect on what I want to do going forward. So, there are some basic changes here in the days ahead. But more on that tomorrow and Wednesday.