A Change of Pace & Subject

My outlook on life for 2021

Now that first hurrahs are over about the current Oval Office occupant on his way out of our sight, I want to announce some changes here at RJsCorner. But first it is sooo nice to think that these pages will no longer be filled with the ugliness of recent months. It seems like I have been posting forever about how we needed to rescue our democracy before it is too late. That battle is pretty much over, so I can now move on to other things important to me. 😉 Going forward, I plan on doing no more than one of these political type posts a week. I doubt you saw it but I just added a new subtitle on my header here, it is “Learn Something New Every Day” and that is just what I intend to give you a good dose of going forward. Another important topic that I will be covering is finding a way out of the national gridlock we find ourselves in. Trying to understand why Trump got over 70 million voters who wanted to give him four more years! The title of that topic is “The better angels of our nature” comes from Abraham Lincoln’s inaugural address in 1861 praying to avoid the coming civil war.

But, I also have over 50 drafts on non-political topics in various stages of completion waiting to take their place on RJsCorner. Now is the time to make that happen. So, obviously politics, and what is going on in governing our country will be moved to a back burner where it probably should been all along. I take the three things in my blog header above very seriously. Think For Yourself, Question Everything, Never Stop Learning. That is what drives RJsCorner. The “Never Stop Learning” one has been ignored too much lately so it will be getting perhaps the most attention going forward.

I am pleasantly surprised that so many have stuck around my corner this year. It looks like I will end the year with almost twice the readership of 2019! I want to thank everyone for the honor of being a small part of your daily routines.

To wrap things up, even though I plan on being active on four different blogs in 2021, I still plan on slowing down and not moving too fast. I want to make the mornings last, and kick down the cobblestones, looking for fun and feel groovy. Thanks to Simon and Garfunkel for those words of advice.

Since this post is getting kinda long and boring I will put off until next Wednesday telling you a little more about the other three blogs.

One thought on “A Change of Pace & Subject

  1. Yeah, Marquita, it is nice to think about him being gone in 70 days. He will continue to do damage but the Republicans will no longer put up with it. They want to continue controlling the Senate, so they won’t do anything to upset the Georgia voters who will decide if they do that. 😚


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