The Trump/Evangelical Alliance…

For this Sunday’s post I want to talk about one of my primary forward-looking objectives for my blog RedLetterLiving.

I have done everything I can to not use #CO3’s (Oval Office occupant) name or image on any of my blogs. But, but since he will soon slink back to gutter he came from I put his name on the graphic above. I truly believe that this political/religious alliance will go down in history to teach later generations the damage that can be done on both sides of a political/religious alliance.

At the Constitutional Convention in the 1780s discussed religion there were several States that started out as basically theologist but that quickly ended before the Constitution. The idea of separation of church and State was originally more about protecting the State from religion than the other way around.

Let’s get on with the reason for this particular post. The alliance between religion and State was bound to implode from the very beginning. The vast majority of Americans would never allow our country to become a theology as Iran and much of the Middle East are.

It has always amazed me how so many religious organizations choose a very defective narcissist as their 21st century savior. Here are a few words about that form a recent article:

The 10/19/20

Most partnerships are thought to be of benefit to both parties, but this one was almost assuredly doomed from the very beginning. Were white Evangelicals so panicked about losing control that they saw this very one-sided marriage as the only possibility to save themselves? My Aspie traits demand logic in all situations and this alliance in no way seems logical to me, not in the slightest!

I mourn the fact that this unholy alliance has tainted Christianity for so many of our young people. Everyone needs some spiritual foundations. I wonder where this generation of Americans will find theirs? Maybe in humanism as it does have a strong appeal to those who want to build a better world. More on that in some near future posts.

With this in mind, starting next Sunday I will be posting weekly at RedLetterLiving trying to in my small way to help those who have been disenfranchised by this alliance to help them understand that evangelicals don’t in any way reflect the true messages of Jesus. He taught us to love one another and to be our brother’s keeper, and they preach almost the opposite.

2 thoughts on “The Trump/Evangelical Alliance…

  1. On your use of #COO3 – My sister was in the hospital in the Spring of 2017 just before she died. She had been intubated and a doctor was asking her questions to determine her awareness. One of the questions was “Who’s President of the United States?” My sister replied “Number 45”. The doctor repeated the question. This time my sister said “He’s the 45th President of the United States and I refuse to state his name.” She was sharp until the end.


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