Juggling 4 Blogs At The Same Time!!

Last Wednesday I briefly told you that I am planning on juggling 4 active blogs in 2021. That seems kind of contrary to my statement of taking it easy. 😛 But since only RJsCorner has any sharp edges it should be much more peaceful than handling all the political issues of the last several months.

The other blogs in the coming months are more narrowly focused than this one and most of what I post to them is not time sensitive. Hopefully, you will find them entertaining and want to browse the magazine style format on a regular basis. My overall plan is to spend more time with my storytelling and photo initiatives. I was kinda proud of what I have accomplished artistically this year and hope to bring that more to the forefront of my activities in 2021 with RJsTravels and RJsView.

RJsTravels has been around longer than RJsCorner but I just haven’t spent the time necessary to attract more attention. That will change in 2021. This blog is meant to be travel oriented. Each post will be dedicated to one particular place in North America that I have visited. I will be telling John Steinbeck type stories similar to what was in the book of 1961 entitled Travels with Charlie – In Search Of America. Since this is more of an informational blog I will be constantly making changes to each posting to add more stories and pictures. Maybe even include GPS data and things of that nature.

RJsView is a different type of blog than the other three. It is primarily about creativity in many different forms. It will showcase my photographic and storytelling talents. The pictures will include the favorite of my 25,000 photo portfolio. Some will be “enhanced” and some won’t. The story telling part will primarily be about my life and times. You might call it an autobiography but it will likely be too disjointed for that. It is more a mishmash of thought that occasionally spew out of my every active brain and imagination. 😧

The third blog is RedLetterLiving. This one also predated RJsCorner, but was put in hiatus in 2014 after six active years. I brought it back from hiatus this year but haven’t really had the chance to do much there. Going forward, I am going to try to convince some who are abandoning religion due to the white-power Evangelical movement to stick around. I want to convince anyone who will listen that being a “follower of the teachings of Jesus” is radically different from what the White Evangelicals have to offer. I will also spend some time further investigating the Humanism movement and try to show that it is not mutually exclusive to being a follower of Jesus. Finally, I will be talking about universal salvation and how that should play a critical part in our spiritual lives. Not too big an agenda, is it? 😳

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