Teaching the Dark Side In Civics Classes

Civics classes should be about American’s sins and glories since it is a country founded by remarkable individuals with some serious flaws. An important part of our history was that many of our founders were slave holders. They owned other people and could do whatever they wanted with them. Washington had hundreds of slaves. He treated them well but he still owned them. He put … Continue reading Teaching the Dark Side In Civics Classes

Keeping Things In Perspective

I think it’s time for your last Aspie lesson for 2020. 🥸 I, like everyone else to one degree or another, get things seriously out of perspective. I let little things take up too much of my thinking life. My brain seems to constantly run in overdrive, a dozen things at a time. Many of those things don’t really deserve the space they take up, … Continue reading Keeping Things In Perspective


Humanism is a philosophical and ethical stance that emphasizes the value and agency of human beings, individually and collectively, and generally prefers critical thinking and evidence (rationalism and empiricism) over acceptance of dogma or superstition…. One of my major projects for 2021 is to understand just what Humanism is all about. I have to get my mind in an objective frame of mind before I … Continue reading Humanism

Cow Poop

In just one day, a cow can produce around 60 pounds of manure.  If you do the math, that adds up to be over 20,000 pounds of manure every year from just one animal! Backhause, Tyler; Backhause, Tyler. 1,000 Random Facts Everyone Should Know I’ve heard the fact that cows are one of the main contributors to global greenhouse gases. Methane makes up about half … Continue reading Cow Poop

Moral Self Licensing

I came across an interesting post from one of my British friends. It is about moral self licensing. That is a psychological term about how people who are actually doing harm believe that they are doing good. That kinda describes one or maybe both of our political parties doesn’t it? An example of moral self-licensing is those who call themselves pro-life but condone the death … Continue reading Moral Self Licensing

I Kinda Miss Being An Evangelical

Given what I post here the title above probably sounds like sacrilege to you. But in many ways being an Evangelical was just easier than taking my spiritual life seriously. I was an Evangelical for twenty-five years so there had to be something that kept me going back. Here are the things that I miss about being an Evangelical: The Conservative Evangelical Church is primarily … Continue reading I Kinda Miss Being An Evangelical

From Stone To Metal

Last week on Trivia Saturday I told you a little about the Stone Age. This one is about the transition from stone to metal. Around 8,000 BCE people started making simple cold-hammered tools from copper and gold. With that accomplishment, the 3.2 million-year-old Stone Age ended, FINALLY 🧐 It would be another 4,500 years before the first form of writing was invented, but metal tools … Continue reading From Stone To Metal

Out Of Fear Comes Paranoia

77% of Republicans believe everything Trump says. That can only be explained through the state of paranoia and paranoia as shown to the right comes primarily from a heightened level of fear and delusions of persecution. I know my Republican friends who might read this will be upset by this definition of them. I just hope they, just for a few seconds, take my words … Continue reading Out Of Fear Comes Paranoia

Labels We Attach To Ourselves – Part 2

This post is a continuation of a couple of weeks ago where I tell you about the labels I have put on myself during my life. Some were beneficial and some were not. If you missed the first post click here. In 1986, just before my 40th birthday I labelled myself a married man. Just as I had completely given up on the idea of … Continue reading Labels We Attach To Ourselves – Part 2

No One Likes To Be Told They Are Wrong

I know my Aspie traits make me hypersensitive to criticism, but I don’t think any of us take being told we are wrong well. Telling someone they are wrong usually starts a battle. So, how is reconciliation possible with the 70 million who voted for that incompetent narcissist. How do we try to get them to understand that we are not the enemy and compromise … Continue reading No One Likes To Be Told They Are Wrong

Both Parties Need Serious Realignment

It’s pretty obvious that Trump and his lazy minded followers have left the Republican Party in shreds, or at least what used to be the party. But I kinda think that the same thing has happened to the Democrats. They are allowing the fringes take over and that disenfranchises too many people. They are such a diverse party that all the masks they try to … Continue reading Both Parties Need Serious Realignment

The Biggest Selling Point

What the main selling point for religious institutions? What gets them in the door? Is it a place where they can be comfortably entertained on Sunday? The mega-churches seem to thrive with those folks. Is it a place where they can reinforce what they already believe about God? All those who hop from one church to another seem to be looking for that. Is it … Continue reading The Biggest Selling Point

There Is Always A Tomorrow

(Until there isn’t) Procrastination is an integral part of humanity. We put off till tomorrow what should have been done today. There is always a tomorrow, or is there? You should never give up on life until you take your last breath. It’s just too easy, especially for us old folks, to just give up on our dreams because we see the end of the … Continue reading There Is Always A Tomorrow

In The US The Tail Often Wags The Dog

Let’s face it, it seems our world has become dysfunctional of late. ☹️ Nothing gets done that really makes any difference. It’s hard to be optimistic about the future right now. I kinda think it is because we let the tail wag the dog in way too many areas. Let me give you some examples: Mask Usage – There is still a significant minority of … Continue reading In The US The Tail Often Wags The Dog

Just Unplug It…

Part of my engineering career was spent writing script for a help line, otherwise known as an 800 number. I was pretty good at troubleshooting problems so this came pretty much naturally. One of the things that most often cleared the customer problem was a system reset, otherwise known as unplugging it and plugging it back in. Maybe President Biden needs to do that to … Continue reading Just Unplug It…

The Fiscal Conservative That I Am

I just finished a post over at one of my other blogs (RedLetterLiving) about how Christians should quit spending their money and lavish structures and instead go about doing the work of Christ. That post immediately brought to mind the same thoughts for our public institutions. Why do we spend so much money on buildings that have little to do with the needs of our … Continue reading The Fiscal Conservative That I Am

Labels We Attach To Ourselves

A Life Coach Story We’re too attached to the labels/masks that we create for ourselves. We need to continuously step outside ourselves. We need to make fewer assumptions and be less opinionated. This would make us less combative, less fearful, less greedy, and more content. In many ways it is a simple as that. Childhood Years Many times our labels are put on us are … Continue reading Labels We Attach To Ourselves