Unity At Any Cost??

Now that the elections are finally over and that despicable person will soon be gone, I would really like to see some bipartisanship in our federal congress return. I can only dream that all of us will actually get along and maybe even like each other again sometime in the unknown future. I should be extending an olive branch of understanding that I hope will somehow bridge the huge gap between me and his MAGA clan.

We have been fighting for five years now but it seems like forever. I have been working tirelessly lately to try and understand what drives them. I have dozens of times appealed to them to show even a small sense of decency that I know is in them. To try to make them understand the damage we are doing, with our Us vs Them war. We are destroying our legacy as a nation. Even after four brutal years of reign they still voted him in almost overwhelming numbers. It greatly saddens me that he got the second most votes of anyone up for that office?

I could account for 2016 by explaining that due to their lazy minds they didn’t really know who he was or what he would do. Because they voted for him again I’m not even sure that there is a possibility of coming together? Where do we even start? I hate to give up before I have given it at least one more change. But, I am not obligated to have unity with hateful people.

I won’t give up my moral core to oblige a heart that dehumanizes other human beings just because of where they were born or what color their skin happens to be, and because they went to college. I won’t give up my spiritual center of being my brother’s keeper just to say we are at peace. From attempted comments here I know that they hate me because of what I say and write. They hate me because I am not terrorized by our country is inevitably becoming more diverse.

Jesus told me to forgive them their sins not once but dozens of times. He told me to love even those who hate me. For his sake I will continue to try and break through to find their heart and help them remove the fear that has caused them to give up so much of what they once were. Maybe the twentieth time of trying to reach out to them my hand will not come back burned. In some ways it was easier to get a person out of the Oval Office than it is to reach a neighbor with a hardened heart. But it must be done one at a time, so I will try again and again to sympathize with them and to help them overcome the dreadful fear that has engulfed them. One at a time… One at a time…

2 thoughts on “Unity At Any Cost??

  1. Until Trump I did not realize just how deep this chasm was. What I know now is these folks are not going away and they are not changing their minds. If Trump leaves the country to avoid prosecution for financial irregularities they will claim the liberals hounded him out of the country and they will still support him. This is the type of fervor from which dictatorships are born.
    One side will have to suppress the other. There will be no grand compromise. If Democrats cannot consistently show up at every election, I have misgivings about that happening, we will slide to the other side and Republicans will dominate. If we can just make it through the next 20 to 30 years I hope demographic changes will put a permanent end to current Republican platforms. That is just a hope and not a guarantee. Every country has a shelf life, I don’t believe we have reached ours yet.


  2. Thanks for the thoughts Fred. I agree with much of what you say, but I have a grieving feeling that if this chasm continues to widen we will not survive as a nation. We can’t split up as the south tried to do. Yeah, there are strongholds here and there but even then it is about a 40/60 split. How can be the accomplished without asking 100 million people or so to move?

    Yes, demographics will eventually take care of the problem. I just hope we last that long. I have come to the conclusion that both parties share in the blame for this divide and even our 21st century “Press” must be held accountable. More on all this in near future posts.


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