Both Parties Need Serious Realignment

It’s pretty obvious that Trump and his lazy minded followers have left the Republican Party in shreds, or at least what used to be the party. But I kinda think that the same thing has happened to the Democrats. They are allowing the fringes take over and that disenfranchises too many people. They are such a diverse party that all the masks they try to wear will prevent them from ever having a significant majority statue in an election. Both parties need to focus more on their majority bases. The fringes are important but…

Both parties need to become more populist. They need to represent the interests of ordinary people. The problem is who are “ordinary people”? Right now the word populist is generally thought to be those who are selfishly trying to deny others what they already have. But to me, that is not a true representation.

  • Ordinary people means those of us who are primarily just trying to go about the daily business of living and not fixated on party politics, hate, selfishness, or extremism.
  • Ordinary people have no particular bias against others as long as they don’t disrupt their lives too much.
  • Ordinary people recognize that governments must exist to do what they individually can’t do themselves.
  • Ordinary people are willing to pay their fair share to make the above happen.

I’m not sure that either party really gets it when it comes to ordinary people. But then again, I’m not sure just how many people are in my classification of ordinary people anymore? I kinda get the idea that we are a dying breed, being replaced by partisans who think of each other as dreaded enemies. Let’s put that aside though and see how the two parties need to pay attention to my definition of “ordinary people”. 😎

Let’s attack this by putting the Democrats, and Republicans in the same bucket. I don’t think the biggest problem is in the rank and file, but in the leadership. Both parties now have a warped sense of what they are supposed to do. When they are elected, they become the mouthpiece for the district they represent. They are responsible for making sure that basic public needs are met regardless of party affiliation. To throw all that power onto the backs of one or two leaders in their party serves no one. All it does is to encourage bitterness and rivalry.

Of course, the change necessary to make congress understand their basic function must start at the local level. 92% of congressional incumbents are re-elected each voting cycle. That is totally astonishing given that congress has a 17% approval. The re-election rate should be reversed, only one in ten should be re-elected until the approval rate rises significantly. That doesn’t happen because there are just too many lazy minded voters out there who ignorantly press the same party button each time instead of actually looking at the facts and voting what would serve them the best. We need to keep firing those who are not doing the job for us until we finally get someone who does.

Enough said…

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