No One Likes To Be Told They Are Wrong

I know my Aspie traits make me hypersensitive to criticism, but I don’t think any of us take being told we are wrong well. Telling someone they are wrong usually starts a battle. So, how is reconciliation possible with the 70 million who voted for that incompetent narcissist. How do we try to get them to understand that we are not the enemy and compromise is what is best for all of us?

I have been working feverishly for the last year or so on understanding how he could have gotten so many votes. I have read hundreds of explanations in news sources and four books. But I still don’t have any conclusive idea on how that was possible. I have a few thoughts, but that is for another post in the near future. This post is about the possibility of coming together as a nation once again.

How can I say “forgive and forget” if deep in my heart I think that you will only take advantage of that forgiveness to do even more damaging things? If I tell you that you were wrong in backing of a person so unworthy of your vote that will just lead to more and maybe angrier rants and retributions.

I am going to reveal some secrets I have learned to possibly doing that.

Make Them Believe That It Is Their Idea

We have to work out a way to make them believe that they found the reason to abandon the swamp and come back to dry land with the rest of us. Snippy quotes about how we are stronger together won’t hack it.

I haven’t thought out a good strategy of how to do it, but at least now I have a possible approach. If you have any ideas on this, I would be glad to hear them.

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