Out Of Fear Comes Paranoia

77% of Republicans believe everything Trump says. That can only be explained through the state of paranoia and paranoia as shown to the right comes primarily from a heightened level of fear and delusions of persecution. I know my Republican friends who might read this will be upset by this definition of them. I just hope they, just for a few seconds, take my words to heart. Is your current political state really what you want? There are alternatives, it’s not too late to make a different choice.

Germany went through the same phenomena between WW1 and WW2. The leadership during WW1 and after just would never admit that the cause and loss of the “war to end all wars” was their fault. They blamed those among them, primarily the Jews, for the loss. Of course this mentality resulted in Hitler of the 1930s. I think you all know how that turned out. There are still those in Germany who want to blame everyone but themselves for the problems they perceive, but they are a slim minority.

I can’t say the same thing for the USA’s paranoid citizens. Will we eventually go the way of Germany in the 1930s? Will the current Oval Office occupant (#CO3) keep his stranglehold on so many of us, or will most of that 77% above finally come to realize that they have attached themselves to a very defective person?

I am a dreamer, so I chose to think that when he is gone from the daily news their infatuation with him will die. But, I know without some serious intervention their fear paranoia will have to be mitigated. They will have to be convinced that just because white males have lost their stranglehold on our country it does not mean their doom. Instead, they need to learn that they will then take their place as one of the diverse factions that comes together in compromise for the “greater good”. Yeah, they will need to finally accept that “compromise” is not a dirty word.

I hope, no I pray that they are capable of a change in attitude. If they are the fear that is so entwined inside them will eventually go away and be replaced with something MUCH more pleasant.

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