I Kinda Miss Being An Evangelical

Given what I post here the title above probably sounds like sacrilege to you. But in many ways being an Evangelical was just easier than taking my spiritual life seriously. I was an Evangelical for twenty-five years so there had to be something that kept me going back. Here are the things that I miss about being an Evangelical: The Conservative Evangelical Church is primarily … Continue reading I Kinda Miss Being An Evangelical

From Stone To Metal

Last week on Trivia Saturday I told you a little about the Stone Age. This one is about the transition from stone to metal. Around 8,000 BCE people started making simple cold-hammered tools from copper and gold. With that accomplishment, the 3.2 million-year-old Stone Age ended, FINALLY 🧐 It would be another 4,500 years before the first form of writing was invented, but metal tools … Continue reading From Stone To Metal