Greta & Generation Z

Since going forward I am trying to confine my political posts to primarily Mondays, this will be the last one for the year. I want to end it on a positive note to talk about Generation Z in general and Greta in particular. I think you know who I am talking about but to make sure I am giving you the bio of here.

Greta is a young Swede who came on the world scene at the young age of 14. She will be eighteen soon. She has basically given up her childhood to bring attention to how we Baby Boomers are standing in the way of climate change that will determine whether her generation occupies a livable planet or not. Right now 95% Boomer’s support is just words. Greta states that fact very bluntly wherever she goes.

I just finished the movie “Greta” in the last week. It was a very enlightening and heart wrenching film. Her message is clear, since we old folks won’t do what is needed to save our planet her generation has to do what is necessary to seriously start facing up to the challenge. It’s tragic how she has been vilified by so many because of her heroic stand. They call her a mentally defective kid who has no idea what she is talking about. That is in reference to the fact that she is an Aspie.If you have been around RJsCorner very long you know I have a lot to say about that topic. Greta says, and I agree that her Aspergers is her superpower, not a mental defect. She has said that if everyone had a some Aspie traits we could solve this crisis long before now.

Now let’s move on the Generation Z and what we know about their participation in putting Biden in the Oval Office and thereby saying good riddance to the current occupant. There are some amazing statistics now available about how they voted recently. As more and more Gen-Z become eligible to vote we will likely see the basic change that is needed to address gridlock and the changes necessary to address many of the world’s problems.

53% to 55% of registered 18 to 29-year-olds appear to have voted. That is the highest ever recorded in the modern era of politics for that age group. Millennials along with Men-Z are turning into “voting generations”. Their vote is one of the primary reasons that some see Texas turning from totally red to purple in this new decade. Who could ever have imagined that! Instead of giving you more words, I will let a graphic speak for itself.

One of the things that Greta speaks the most firmly about is replacing all those members of world parliaments who refuse to act. I don’t know about Sweden but it is a tragic fact that 92% of congressional incumbents are re-elected when their overall approval rating is below 20%! That simply has to change and I think Gen-Z, along with Millennials will likely make that happen. If us old folks don’t voluntarily get out of the way we will be shoved aside where we probably belong.

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