Tell Them To Just Go Away

My mind has been cluttered with the way that the GOP might be able to pull a “Phoenix” and stay relevant. Given how much that party has changed in the last 40 years maybe this is an exercise in futility, but…

Maybe I am naive, but I think there are still some Republicans who have at least an ounce of sense and know that the last four years doesn’t represent what they signed on for when they joined the GOP. They dream of the day that the GOP will return to its roots of limited government and fiscal responsibility. Tearing everything down because it is not exactly how they want it is just as contrary to their nature as it is to the rest of us.

I think the logical alternative is to form a different party that aligns with their values and obligations. But, everyone knows that establishing viable third parties are a difficult thing to accomplish. But, how can they make the GOP respectable once again? Here’s a suggestion…

Instead of abandoning the GOP they can just tell all those who still cling to a very faulty narcissist after four disastrous years to JUST GO AWAY, you are no longer allowed to use the GOP brand for your revolution. By doing that they take away the committee assignments and the power they cherish so much. Obviously, those rejected would still be able to stay in congress, but they can no longer say they are “Republican”. That tactic would likely lose them some substantial power in the near term, but I kinda think they would get much of it back in two years at the next national election. Going back to their fundamental principles is the only way I can see that label having any validity going forward.

We need a two-party system to provide balance. I don’t want the Democratic Party to have total power any more than I want the GOP to have it. The old saying “Power corrupts, and absolute power absolutely corrupts” is a strong part of my belief system.

I will close out this post by saying that I recognized that the GOP is not the only party with a growing radical element. But, at least the Democrats are still pretty much abiding to the rule-of-law and the Constitution. There may come a day when that isn’t the case, so I would like to have another party around to pledge my “conditional” allegiance. 🥸

Just Tell Them To Go Away!!

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