The Tale of Two Parties

Let’s start out with a little history lesson. The Democratic Party has been made up of mishmash of different people with often very different agendas for a long time. I am a big fan of Will Rogers who was a political satirist during the Great Depression in the 1930s and one of his most famous quotes was “I’m not a member of an organized party, I’m a Democrat.” They have been in that mode for more 100 years and are used to handling a menagerie of views at the same time.

Part of that Democratic diversity used to be the southern States, but when LBJ moved to enacting his agenda of the “Great Society” and “Voter’s Rights” sixty years ago all the southern white supremacists who controlled most States quickly changed ships. That proved the beginning of the fracture of the GOP. They were no longer the homogenous party of “don’t make any changes” and being “tight with a buck”. They had to somehow meld all the southern States into their mix. They just didn’t seem to be able to accomplish that.

The southern States infusion changed the core flavor of the GOP mix. The party went on to include those who not only don’t want change, but also agonizingly fear it. The GOP mix got stirred again when Reagan in the 1980s decided “government is the problem”. That put out a “Welcome” sign for anyone who just doesn’t want to get along with or even help others.

Finally, five years ago, an extremely defective narcissist with a huge ego kidnapped the GOP logo with his mantra of “taking things back to the good old days” of white rule, otherwise known as MAGA. That mantra eventually opened the door to anyone with a chip on their shoulders including the doomsayers, survivalists and eventually domestic terrorists as was evidenced on January 6. So, here we are today with the GOP being made up of vastly different groups with very different incorrigible beliefs.

With all these disgruntled groups now included the good old GOP, the Democratic Party is left with mainly the dreamers, the optimists, and those who believe that government is there to do the “people’s business”. They dream of a day when “liberty and justice for all” will be more than just a catchphrase for our republic. They dream of better days ahead when America will once again become the shining light of the world and once again welcome those escaping tyranny to come to our shores. They dream of the day when we will re-join the world community in conquering global warming and thereby leave this planet in better shape for our children than when we found it.

To me, it seems like the GOP is now stuck with mainly those who are full of pessimism, and with the expectation that everything will go wrong, or is wrong. They are now the party of walls and guns to protect themselves from the “big bad world”. The tragic part is that the GOP leadership has no idea on how to deal with all these different faction now within their group. They have no idea on how to put the tiger back in the cage.

It was once easy to give a couple of words to describe the GOP. Now, they are mostly the party of pessimism, the party extreme fear of losing their control over the country. That puts them on a downward path that almost seems inescapable. They are stuck in a mode that just doesn’t have a future unless they can break out of their current way of thinking with some pretty extreme measures.

The problem with all this is that the weaker these groups get the more dangerous they become.

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