Closing It Out Week… Good Riddance

I need to get Trump’s name cleared from my post queue and also my mind. To achieve that, I am devoting the next five days to finishing anything I have to say about him. Hopefully (yes “hope” is a word that I can put back into my vocabulary now) I will never refer to him again. But, I wouldn’t count on that! His legacy much like Joseph McCarthy’s, will likely last for years. 🥴 Now that he has vacated the Oval Office I will use his surname for these next five days. He is no longer the “current Oval Office occupant (#CO3) and instead he will just be “Trump”.

Let me drop back here for a paragraph here to give you a personal perspective. I have been a political junkie for as long as I can remember. It probably started out with the 1972 Presidential Conventions of Nixon and McGovern. I stayed up most of the night of both conventions. I decided that McGovern was just too radical for me and Nixon was too boring. I ended up voting for Nixon. I also voted for him in my first time in the voting booth in 1968 and decided he didn’t screw up too bad so he was my choice. Over the years the conventions have shrunk in significance, but my political acuity has vastly increased since then. I take my right to vote seriously so I want to do it intelligently. To do that I need to keep up on how the people in DC are doing and how well they are accomplishing the people’s business. I vote to remove them from office when they put personal gains above those they are supposed to represent. I have been doing that for fifty years, but the last four have stretched me the more severely of the other forty-five combined.

Getting back on the topic, last Wednesday will likely be the last time that Trump takes public transportation. That is, unless the coming months prove to be the financial disaster that some predict. He might end up like Mr. Selfridge from the PBS series and turn out to be a beggar in front of the White House.

It seems that no one wants him as a neighbor now. He left the White House and went to his mortgaged Mar-a-Lago Club but the people of Miami Beach say according to legal documents he can’t use the property as a private residence. New York City doesn’t want him and most of the EU despise him. So, where does he end up? Actually, I couldn’t care less, as long as it is out of sight. Maybe he can buy a Pacific island and call that his kingdom? 🥸

I found it interesting that if he had liquidated his assets when he entered the White House as most do, he would now be worth $300 million more instead losing that amount. With his properties decreasing in value that number is likely to double in the coming year. I also see where Deutsche Bank is severing any relationship to him and might be calling in more loans from the past, Given that no American banks trust him anymore he has nowhere to go to get the money he needs to pay off his debt. Maybe 2021 will be the year he declares bankruptcy for the fourth and possibly final time.

Tomorrow I will be talking about the impeachment thing…

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