Accountability By Impeachment?

We all know the slogan “No One Is Above The Law”. That drives our search for equal justice. What’s good for one is good for all. Or, is it? I have seen many times equal justice just doesn’t apply. Politicians and public office holders, along with the wealthy and famous seem to get “special” treatment way too often . A local example of that for me was when a county office holder was found to have stolen over $60,000 of public funds got three months in the county jail while a person who stole a spool of wire out of the electrical substation area got three years.

Now to the main subject at hand:

There is a significant argument about whether there should be a Senate trial on the impeachment after Trump has left office. I can see some logic on both sides of this debate but I kinda fall in the “NO” category and here are the reasons why:

  • Three presidents have been impeached, but none have been convicted. The vote is always along party lines and only a handful of the president’s party ever voted for conviction. While Nixon left office when the threat of impeachment was imminent it is likely that he too would not have been convicted. It takes a two-thirds vote to convict and that never happens. The trial for Trump starts in two weeks and will likely come to the same result. So, why even go through with an exercise in futility? Equal justice just doesn’t apply when the cards are stacked against it.
  • The single charge of the indictment is that Trump’s words on January 6 incited an attempted insurrection. To prove that his words caused the riot means that the people who chose to break into the Capital didn’t have that act in mind before he said it. It has been shown that many of the domestic terrorists in the crowd that day had been planning this event for months if not years. With Republican legislatures assistance they had done reconnaissance missions via guided tours of the building weeks before that date. They had it all planned out so Trumps words were at best a confirmation of their intended act. In my mind Trump by validating terrorists actions beginning in the violence in Charlottesville in his first few months in office is guilty as charged, just not for that particular day.
  • There are better, more likely successful, ways to make him accountable for his acts. Yes, I believe that he should be punished for much of his despicable action while in office, impeachment will not serve that purpose. The 14th amendment barring him for any future office would be more likely to succeed for as least some form of accountability.

Given in the fact that the finance world is systematically divorcing themselves from his businesses and most of the rest of the world is following suit, it is likely that that will be a pretty harsh form of punishment for a person who claims to be a billionaire.

Tomorrow I will be talking about how Trump will likely be identified in the future a primary reason in the now inevitable fall of religion in America

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