Perhaps the Most Serious Long-Term Damage

Perhaps the most serious long-term damage that Trump has propagated is religion. Of course, in this case he was only the catalyst, not the only one primarily responsible for that. For the most part, individual religious institutions have done pretty severe damage to themselves.

One of those religious leaders that comes to the top of this deadly heap is Franklin Graham. He took over the ministry of his father Billy Graham and turned it into something very different from what his father spent years creating. When he took it over he changed it into a radical right political machine that becomes more political day by day. I see he recently called the ten Republican Congressmen who voted for impeaching Trump the second time as Judases. He should have been looking into the mirror when he made that statement. He is now encouraging all his followers to do everything necessary to make sure those ten are defeated in the next primary election.

I think the common theme for so many versions of Christianity that has caused them to cling to such a defective person is abortion. It seems to drive almost everything else they do or say. Sadly, their total focus on this single issue of a pro-life agenda has caused them to totally ignore the rest. Most are very pro-death penalty, pro-war, and anti-brother’s keeper. But that is not the only thing they have jettisoned with their political alliance with an extreme narcissist. They are blind to the vast majority of the words of Jesus about loving each other and being your brother’s keeper. I know for a fact that some take the “love your neighbor”words to apply only to their immediate clan which of course includes their local church. Jesus told them that your neighbor is everyone. These folks version of God is just not big enough to handle everyone, I guess?

I realize that in many cases it is the people not the organization that is the source of much of this religious paranoia. But, just how much comes from them or the organization is pretty much a chicken/egg type thing. When it is perceived as a matter of survival humanity reverts to a caveman. Their fear drives them to ignore logic and fact to seemingly survive. Many fear that their way of life is threatened by what is going on in the world around them. They see themselves as losing control of their destinies.

This being my “Shutting Down Thoughts Of Trump Week”, I need to get back to his part in the current destruction of church. Anyone who looks beyond the end of their nose knows that Trump simply doesn’t have any room in his oversized ego for anyone but himself. Like almost everything he does, his religious proclamations are purely self-serving. I don’t know how often he actually attended a religious service where he was not the center of attention while he occupied the Oval Office?

But, I know with almost certainty that you won’t see the inside of a church building again until it promotes him. In his version of religion Jesus takes a back pew seat. Why the MAGA folks don’t understand that is beyond me. They are marching to their own death, and they seem obvious to that fact.

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