Validating the Contemptible

This is the fourth of a five-day series of closing out the mention of Trump at RJsCorner

Of course, Trump had a lot of help with his turning a four-year period into something that will go down as the first dark ages of the 21st century for our country. Maybe the primary attribute to that label is how he gave validation to the contemptible edges to our society. Being the extreme narcissist that he is, he will seek adoration from ANY corner, even the right-wing extremes of society.

I am not naive enough to think that all the haters, the fearmongers, the white supremacists, and domestic terrorist were not around before him, but he was the one who tried to give them validation for their destructive thoughts and deeds. He is the one who empowered them to act. But, the biggest part of his base were the MAGA folks. How can they tolerate being associated with this fringe element is beyond me? That fact baffles me as much as the way religious groups of unconditionally clung to him as noted in yesterday’s post.

His encouragement of the “despicables” began soon after he took office. It started with the Charlottesville event in 2017 when he said the white supremacists during their Unite The Right rally that resulted in a death were “fine people”. When that got him attention it, his exploitation of the fringes started in earnest and finally reached its apex on January 6th of this year, fourteen days before he was ejected from the Oval Office. Five people died and over 140 officers were injured, many severely.

Of course, Trump is also a big fan of conspiracy theories, so it only seemed natural that he would migrate to those driven by such faulty views. That started long before he officially entered politics. His “Birther” conspiracy that President Obama was not born in the US and therefore was a fake president was his first serious attempt of making up stories to gain personal attention.

Most presidents and anyone else with an ounce of empathy quickly attack conspiracy theories as being lies, but Trump embraces them and the people promoting them. Just another way to bring attention to himself, and he simply can’t get enough of that. It is amazing to me just how many people believe the Q-Anon story that all Democratic leaders are demonic worshiping pedophiles who must be driven out of office if not outright killed to save the country!

The method to get attention doesn’t matter to Trump. He will go ANYWHERE to obtain that. His narcissism drives EVERYTHING he does. More on that in tomorrow’s final post.

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