Rat Rods

With this picture, I want to celebrate the Rat Rod. Much of my 2018 adventures were to go to numerous car shows around the country. The one in Des Moines was probably the biggest. There were thousands of cars there, but I kinda think this was one of my favorites. Rat Rods are usually built by the owner who builds them on the weekends. Continue reading Rat Rods

InDepth – Sweden – Post #3: Medical Care, Transportation

This week we will concentrate on two major costs in the family budget in the US and compare how much Sweden pays for the same thing. Medical Care In the USThe average cost per family for a year of health insurance is $15,400.The average out-of-pocket annual household expense is $5,000.Medicine alone accounts for about $1,400 per person per year.The total US medical costs per person … Continue reading InDepth – Sweden – Post #3: Medical Care, Transportation

When Positive Thinking Can Be Negative

I get many of my ideas for posts here on RJsCorner and RedLetterLiving from my friends at ProgressiveChristianity.org This is one of those posts. I don’t know if the book The Power Of Positive Thinking is still popular, I kinda doubt it be I am certain that other authors have jumped into the venue of Positive Thinking. Like everything else in life, thinking positively can … Continue reading When Positive Thinking Can Be Negative

Women Be Quiet!!!

For this Revisit Wednesday I bring you a post from June 2012 about a topic that I have always had trouble with and that is that women are supposed to know their place. “Knowing your place” has throughout history been a tactic to keep segments of society subservient to the ruling class. The very idea bugs me to my core. *****************June 2012 *********************** 1 Timothy … Continue reading Women Be Quiet!!!

I’ve Really Tried… But I Just Have No Patience For…

I’ve really really tried, but I have just run out of patience for reading a 200+ page books, or maybe it is time I have run out of.🧐 I will admit that I have never been a novel reader. Almost every book I have read in the last 40 years has been about history, religion, or government/politics. Long fictional novels has never been my venue. … Continue reading I’ve Really Tried… But I Just Have No Patience For…

Doubts are seldom allowed In The Church…

I know from personal experiences that saying you doubt something in your church can get you in some pretty serious trouble. I will make a bold statement for you. I am sure you have doubts, probably even serious doubts, about what you are told to be facts in your church too. Even Mother Theresa had them so don’t even bother to deny it! But, all … Continue reading Doubts are seldom allowed In The Church…

Nerve Racking vs Exciting – A Matter of View

This post is mainly about how you view your world. I will use myself and my wife as examples of two different approaches. I embrace change whenever I find it. In fact, I get down right bored when change doesn’t come around frequently enough. When change doesn’t, I create some for myself. This pandemic, which I pray will mostly be over in a few more … Continue reading Nerve Racking vs Exciting – A Matter of View

Think For Yourself – A Very Foreign Idea…

One of my triology of mottos for RJsCorner is Think For Yourself It basically defines who I am and who I want to be. When the crowd is all going one way I think to myself “I wonder what kind of opportunities does the other path have?” That makes me a contrarian, and I am proud of that fact. There is No possibility that I … Continue reading Think For Yourself – A Very Foreign Idea…

The Church Needs Shame…

Of course, everything I say here at RedLetterLiving is my opinion, but sometimes it seems particularly necessary to make that declaration. Since I am going to compare some religious establishments on the post, this is one of those times As a little bio for this post, I give you a quick history of my six stages of Christian life: I was baptized into the Catholic … Continue reading The Church Needs Shame…

Trillions Of Microorganisms

The human body contains trillions of microorganisms i.e bacteria outnumbering human cells by ten to one. Matthews, Scott. 1144 Random, Interesting & Fun Facts You Need To Know – The Knowledge Encyclopedia Kinda scary to think that we have more bacteria in our bodies than cells. 😖 Perhaps my weakest subject is biology. I don’t think I have ever had a class in the subject. … Continue reading Trillions Of Microorganisms

Tree of the knowledge

This post originated on my blog at RedLetterLiving, but I think it will get the broader attention here that it deserves. Anyone who has read many of my words over at RedLetterLiving knows that I don’t have a very positive attitude of much of what is found in the Old Testament. That part of the Bible is about Jewish history and the myths associated with … Continue reading Tree of the knowledge

Life Stories – The Dormitory Cafeteria

A dormitory cafeteria was a prime reason I became a “man”. I know in my day and very likely today, that is not the usual statement to describe a dormitory cafeteria. It is usually described as “blah”, “bland”, “despicable”, or often much worse. 🤬 Of course this demands a life story, so that is why you are here. I was naive country boy who was … Continue reading Life Stories – The Dormitory Cafeteria

The Words of Jesus

November 12, 2009 I found an interesting book a while back by Phyllis Tickle entitled “The Words of Jesus”. Phyllis Tickle is the founding editor at Publishers Weekly and is author of more than two dozen book about Christianity. In this book she attempts to take the red letters found in the Gospel accounts and separate them from the surrounding text. She does this, among … Continue reading The Words of Jesus

The Most Important Life Lesson To Pass On

Jeff Bezos was the master of entrepreneurship of the first two decades of this new century. He managed to put together a logistics system that was totally unheard of before him. To move from being a small online book store to overtaking Walmart as the top retailer in the world was a BIG accomplishment. Being an information technology guy myself, I was rather proud of … Continue reading The Most Important Life Lesson To Pass On

Government Is A Premier Entrepreneur

I know that there are many out there that still believe that “government is the problem”, but I will again try to convince you that without our government many of the things that we deem essential today would like not have happened. If that argument won’t appease you, then I will try to convince you that government is where the “people’s business” has to happen. … Continue reading Government Is A Premier Entrepreneur

Government Wasn’t The Problem

Forty years ago, Ronald Reagan made the comment “Government is not the solution to our problem, government is the problem.” I didn’t agree with that then but by adding two words I agree with it now. My slightly revised quote is The lack of government is the problem When government loses its role of doing the “people’s business” it becomes a major problem. When that … Continue reading Government Wasn’t The Problem