Think For Yourself – A Very Foreign Idea…

One of my triology of mottos for RJsCorner is

Think For Yourself

It basically defines who I am and who I want to be. When the crowd is all going one way I think to myself “I wonder what kind of opportunities does the other path have?” That makes me a contrarian, and I am proud of that fact. There is No possibility that I would ever sign on to all these crazy conspiracy theories or domestic terrorist organization rants out there now. Maybe that I why I have detested Trump for all these many years. He is a con man who thrives on lazy minds. He loves it when they just do what he says without giving any thought as to why they are doing it.

Which brings me (finally you might say 🤪) to the point of this post. I am going to pull out one of my rants for this subject.

Most of the members of congress are simply lazy mind lemmings who blindly do whatever their leaders tell them to do.

They don’t even consider a different path. Perhaps the biggest hypocrite of them all is the senior Senator from my neighbor State of Kentucky. Mr. McConnell had the nerve to give a long speech after the second impeachment verdict to say that Trump was responsible for the domestic terrorist attack on the Capital Building on January 6, but he didn’t vote that way!

The trouble with American politics is that very few of those who get elected actually think for themselves. I’m sure that there were at least 17 members of the GOP Senate who knew in their heart and conscience that Trump was guilty as charged, but they simply didn’t have the courage or wherewithal to actually vote that way. What is it about politics that draws these type of people instead of those who think for themselves?

To its detriment and maybe eventual demise. The most capable among us are seldom drawn into public service. But, does it always have to be that way? I think, or maybe just hope that this generation will turn that around.

We have serious problems with how we govern ourselves. Our 240-year-old document needs some serious upgrading. But, I just don’t trust the current crop of politicians to be able to do it correctly. Maybe that is the catch-22 that will eventually result in our demise.

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