When Positive Thinking Can Be Negative

I get many of my ideas for posts here on RJsCorner and RedLetterLiving from my friends at ProgressiveChristianity.org This is one of those posts. I don’t know if the book The Power Of Positive Thinking is still popular, I kinda doubt it be I am certain that other authors have jumped into the venue of Positive Thinking. Like everything else in life, thinking positively can … Continue reading When Positive Thinking Can Be Negative

Women Be Quiet!!!

For this Revisit Wednesday I bring you a post from June 2012 about a topic that I have always had trouble with and that is that women are supposed to know their place. “Knowing your place” has throughout history been a tactic to keep segments of society subservient to the ruling class. The very idea bugs me to my core. *****************June 2012 *********************** 1 Timothy … Continue reading Women Be Quiet!!!