My Tolerance Of LMPI People Is Quickly Disappearing

First I guess I need to explain who LMPI people are. LMPI stands for Lazy Minded Proudly Ignorant. That is only half the title the other is White Evangelical MAGA Cult. Put them all together my tolerance for these people is dangling by a thread. They seem to be under any rock I go by. I hope this pandemic ends soon before I lose any … Continue reading My Tolerance Of LMPI People Is Quickly Disappearing

Seeking US History Buffs

The very first blog I opened in 2008 was entitled InSearchOfAmerica or ISOA. It was about my portfolio of pictures I had taken on my travels around the country documenting historical sites. In those days the Internet was in its infancy so a dozen views a day was pretty good, but the blog just never grew as I had hoped. I have been trying to … Continue reading Seeking US History Buffs

What Does Being A Progressive Christian Mean?

I think I have probably spent too much time lately talking about the problems of modern Christianity. It’s time to concentrate on those who cling to the words of Jesus as I do. This post was originally made in February 2019. With the pandemic that seems like a lifetime ago now. It’s time to dust it off and maybe add a bit here and there … Continue reading What Does Being A Progressive Christian Mean?

InDepth – US vs Sweden Post #6 – Taxes & Closing Thoughts

The obvious question to close off this series is “How can Sweden afford those benefits?” Of course a part of that answer it through relatively high taxes. But how high is that? Sweden does have the highest top marginal rate among OECD countries at about 56%. In The US The highest marginal tax rate in the US is about 35% but there are many tax … Continue reading InDepth – US vs Sweden Post #6 – Taxes & Closing Thoughts

Cooking Is My Life (well sort of…)

LOM (Life on the Margins) is supposed to be about creativity among a few other things. So, I have been thinking of putting on a “Recipe Corner” as that has been a significant part of my creative life. I figured it out, and it looks like I have cooked or at least helped cook, about 1.5 million meals in my life. Most of those meals … Continue reading Cooking Is My Life (well sort of…)

On The Path To Normal: What Happens After The Vaccines…

At some time after the vaccine is available to everyone there has to come a point where we open everything back up and tell those who refuse to take the vaccine that they are on their own. If they won’t protect themselves then we won’t protect them. It should be as simple as that. We can’t go on with extreme measure to protect people who … Continue reading On The Path To Normal: What Happens After The Vaccines…

Deaf People Cling To The Margins

Sometimes I cling to the margins with my fingernails, and sometimes I stomp on them with both feet. I haven’t been in the mainstream for so long I don’t even realize what it is anymore. I have been deaf for going on thirty-five years now and believe me that requires some serious margin clinging. It just amazes me how the mainstream has no idea of … Continue reading Deaf People Cling To The Margins

High School Just Isn’t “High” Anymore…

Let’s start off with some evidence that high school just isn’t “high” anymore. The Labor experts in the US are constantly trying to project how many people will work in different fields in the coming years. Their post-pandemic projections show some alarming things, at least for those jobs requiring less education. Their latest assessment forecast a boom for epidemiologists and other health-science jobs that will … Continue reading High School Just Isn’t “High” Anymore…

Being on the Margins Makes Isolation More Tolerable

One of the biggest complaints I hear about the pandemic is the isolation that many people feel because they are off by themselves. When you live on the margins having more time alone is most often just a fact of life, especially for those of us who have significant Aspie traits or are deaf and for me, that is both. Over the years I have … Continue reading Being on the Margins Makes Isolation More Tolerable

Environmental Impact

I know that Mondays is usually my day for discussing politics, but I kinda feel like a different direction. So, lets talk about saving our planet. 😎 I am hoping that we have now turned away from our dark side and sometime in near future environmental impact will be the overriding theme for our country and the world. We certainly have undeniable evidence that what … Continue reading Environmental Impact

He Never Told Me To Love My Religion

Just a quick message for this Sunday. For those of us who follow the teachings of Jesus know that religion and spirituality can mean to very different things. When religion gets in the way of the messages of Jesus it’s time to find a new religion or maybe even none at all. And of course, Everyone on this earth is our neighbor Continue reading He Never Told Me To Love My Religion

Progressive Christianity

Most of my spiritual life has existed between Catholicism and Evangelical Christians, with doses of agnosticism in between. I swung in and out of these three modes for almost seventy years before I discovered my true Spiritual home. The Catholic traditions tarnished my spirituality early on by declaring that almost all my childhood buddies, and everyone else for that matter, would not be joining me … Continue reading Progressive Christianity


Bamboo can grow up to thirty-five inches (ninety-one centimeters) in a single day. Matthews, Scott. 1144 Random, Interesting & Fun Facts You Need To Know Some forward lookers see bamboo as being the primary building material for the not-too-distant future. It grows to full size in about 3 years whereas pine and other wood species take about 25 – 50 years. And it will grow … Continue reading Bamboo

InDepth – US vs Sweden Post #5 – Unemployment & Income Equality

This is part 5 of a 6 part series trying to see what we might learn for Sweden. Unemployment Benefits In the USBenefits varies depending on the State you live in. Most States allow you to collect up to 26 weeks of benefits and then you are on your own. Collecting benefits requires weekly check-ins with an agency representative to make sure you are actually … Continue reading InDepth – US vs Sweden Post #5 – Unemployment & Income Equality

About This Blog

This blog is primarily about a celebration of life Outside The Mainstream. It is about: Living life on your own terms, and dealing with adversities along the way Choosing your own path instead of following the herd Lessons you might learn from personal stories of success and failures. Thinking for yourself and finding your path Being Unique, Exceptional, Extraordinary, and yes even Eccentric Celebrating creativity … Continue reading About This Blog

The RGB Legacy – About Ruth Bader Ginsburg

I have to admit up front that I don’t know much about Ruth Bader Ginsburg but that she was a progressively minded Supreme Court Justice. I know she is an idol to many women who are still attempting to break through the glass ceiling. They use her as an example of a hero to be emulated. All that may be true but I see her … Continue reading The RGB Legacy – About Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Terrible To Think What Churches Do To Men…

When I came across the book with the quote below in 2013 it solidified my belief that, for the most part, the church has tragically drifted from the words of Jesus to the words of man. I had been pondering that thought for a couple of years; I didn’t know that it was thoroughly thought out by such a powerful person as Tolstoy. It is … Continue reading Terrible To Think What Churches Do To Men…

The Pot Calling The Kettle Black…

I’ve been around politics for more than 50 years now, so I have seen a lot of sneaky tricks and such that governments use to manipulate their citizens. The first thing was as a young man eligible for the draft was how the US military was grossly over-counting the Vietnamese casualties in the 1960s. That would not be the last time that strategy would be … Continue reading The Pot Calling The Kettle Black…

Christian Giving

This post is an expanded response to a comment to last week’s post about Christian giving. I gave the person commenting a short answer, but I think this topic deserves more attention. Here is the comment on which the post is primarily based: Plainly speaking, Christian giving is almost always overstated by most Christians. In reality what they give at best covers about 1% of … Continue reading Christian Giving