Decompression – A Welcomed State

To keep from getting the bends from rising too abruptly from the ugly Trump depths, I have been in a decompression mode, and that is a good thing. I have been letting life pass me up for a little while. I am avoiding getting into the new political arena too early. I know that it continued without me because I have occasionally dipped my toes in but right now that is about it.

But, I’m almost ready to start blogging about the Biden Administration and how the GOP is continuing to stymie anything any Democrat try to do. I am gathering kindling to build a mighty fire. Give me a couple more days and I will be back… I promise.

Even though it has been ugly beyond imagination the last four years, politics is simply in my DNA so I can’t leave it behind. As usual, I have been thinking about changes that need to happen to make government finally get back into doing at least a small amount of the “people’s business”. It’s been a long time since that has happened but, I am confident it will eventually come about.

Going forward, I will try to always put a positive spin on my words, even when that doesn’t seem possible. We need to quit seeing everyone that thinks differently than us as the enemy. Eventually the Republicans will realize that they are actually causing the demise of their party by their idiotic ways, but that will take a while yet. Right now they seem to think that they can continue to dominate by not letting those who oppose them vote in elections.

I never said politics makes any sense…

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