My Tolerance Of LMPI People Is Quickly Disappearing

A spoon full of drawing pins (or thumb tack) as a symbol of health fraud. Quackery is the promotion of fraudulent or ignorant medical practices.

First I guess I need to explain who LMPI people are. LMPI stands for Lazy Minded Proudly Ignorant. That is only half the title the other is White Evangelical MAGA Cult. Put them all together my tolerance for these people is dangling by a thread. They seem to be under any rock I go by. I hope this pandemic ends soon before I lose any semblance of patience for them.

I am one of the few right now who has had my second vaccine. That was over two weeks ago, so I think I am pretty much protected, but I, unlike LMPI people, will always wear a mask until everyone has the opportunity to become fully vaccinated. I know it is highly unlikely that I will get the virus now, but I still might be able to carry it around and infect others. LMPI people just don’t seem to care about anyone else enough to be inconvenienced into wearing a mask for a few minutes a day for a little while longer

I was in Walmart a few hours ago to get some motor oil for my garden tractor spring maintenance when I came across an unmasked LMPI. He had to have had a mask to get past the employee checking at the front door, but I guess he took it off soon thereafter. He stood in front of the auto department shelf for about 5 minutes looking at the gallon jugs of oil. I don’t know what his problem was, maybe he had difficulty reading the labels. When I finally asked him to move, so I could get my oil, he basically said come on and get it. When I told him about the reason for masking and the six feet distancing it seems to go in one ear and quickly out the other, that’s not surprising, I guess. He said, “well come and get it, but I am NOT moving!” I almost lost it but managed to tell him I would come back after he is gone.

I know the MAGA folks think mask-wearing is betraying their savior, so maybe this person thinks he is making a political statement. It is one that can result in his killing someone else doesn’t seem to phase them. I’m sure he has never bothered to think that through. I am just tired of people who don’t even try to understand the world around them. I wonder if they would even eat a spoonful of thumb taxes if Trump told them to.

Being lazy minded is one thing, but being proud of the fact that they are ignorant is another thing all together.

3 thoughts on “My Tolerance Of LMPI People Is Quickly Disappearing

  1. Love your sense of humor as always. Here in Russia people can walk into the store without wearing a mask because unless it’s a huge shopping mall, there is no a security guard at the entrance. They shop around (no masks) and only when they get to the checkout area, they are forced to wear a mask because otherwise they won’t be able to pay for their stuff.


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