Scribbling On The Margins

I am a scribbler on the margins. The body of the first draft of any post here seldom gets through without some serious corrective scribbles on the margins, at least the e-margins. I don’t use much paper anymore, so maybe I should call it virtual scribbling. Lately, I have been trying my hand as actual scribbling and doodling and have discovered that at least in … Continue reading Scribbling On The Margins

Being a Creative Person Means Living On The Margins

Let’s face it, mainstream thinking makes very little accommodations for creative thinking or risk taking. I worked for a number of years for a very conservative mainstream company nicknamed “Ma Bell”. Back then she controlled everything when it came to communications type stuff. When I started working there as a young engineer I had many ideas about how to make things better for both us … Continue reading Being a Creative Person Means Living On The Margins

Something So Beautiful, But…

In case you didn’t know this picture is of a jellyfish. They are so beautiful in an aquarium surrounded by blue lights, but they are sometimes deadly in nature. While jellyfish stings are painful, most are not emergencies. … But stings from some types of jellyfish — such as the box jellyfish (also called sea wasp) — are very dangerous, and can even be deadly. Just for your info here is a picture … Continue reading Something So Beautiful, But…

It’s Great To Be On The Other Side Of The Vaccine, But…

I celebrate the fact that I got my second shot of the vaccine over a month ago. But, if you listen to all the “experts” they say nothing changes, yet…” We can’t celebrate until the rest of us are there also. That’s fine with me but I would like to be able to see when that is. I assume when everyone is eligible for the … Continue reading It’s Great To Be On The Other Side Of The Vaccine, But…

A Defining Moment

Yesterday’s conviction in the Floyd George murder trial was a defining moment where justice was finally served. Hopefully, it will result in implementing tragically needed change in it the way our police forces are arranged We will no longer allow rogues to invade police departments and if they get in they will quickly be removed. We will require more than 19 weeks training before you … Continue reading A Defining Moment

A Seat At The Table…

The most terrorizing thing for many white men, and particularly evangelicals, is that everyone now is demanding a seat at the table. There are unarmed revolutions going on now in most countries of the world saying that we will no longer live invisible in the shadows of white men. Those demanding a seat at the table are a very diverse group, much like the population … Continue reading A Seat At The Table…

McConnell’s Backfire & The Coming Implosion Of The GOP

I just don’t know how much longer the GOP can exist. For as long as I can remember, they invariably shoot themselves in the foot on a regular basis. Yeah, McConnell is doing everything that he can think of to hold on to the GOP base. The problem with that is that the base is constantly shrinking because of the stupid things he says. Talk … Continue reading McConnell’s Backfire & The Coming Implosion Of The GOP

RLL – Worshiping vs Following

There is a difference between worshiping Jesus and actually doing what he told us to do. I remember the documentary entitled “From Jesus to Christ” in 1998 on PBS Frontline. It was the serious beginning of my spiritual search for meaning. Becoming more familiar with the actual events of the period of the first 150 years of the common era (CE) helped me understand how … Continue reading RLL – Worshiping vs Following

Infrastructure… A New Meaning?

Sixty years ago, when the Interstate Highway system was being developed the word “Infrastructure” was limited to only roads and bridges. Since then, it has been expanded to mean “things needed for the operation of a society”. It is nice to see that President Biden’s latest plan includes all those things. But, as usual, the Republican want to limit it to a 60-year-old definition that … Continue reading Infrastructure… A New Meaning?

LOM – A Celebration…On The Margins

I don’t know about you, but I kinda think it is time to start celebrating. We have had a dreadful year fighting this virus, but the end is now in sight. We had an anguishing four years with a ranting incompetent narcissist in the daily news. Simply speaking there haven’t been many reasons to celebrate life in general. When I started Life On the Margins … Continue reading LOM – A Celebration…On The Margins

White Supremacists and the Military

I see where it was discovered that many of the domestic terrorists who attacked the Capital building were trained in their tactics by the US military. That shouldn’t have come as a surprise to anyone. The new Secretary of Defense is making it a priority to try to prevent future terrorists from getting that free training. That is a good thing, but I kinda think … Continue reading White Supremacists and the Military

RLL – The Hypocritical Version…

One thing I like about Progressive Christians is that they call out hypocrites when they see them. We have to let the world know that White Evangelicals do not represent Christianity. Following Jesus is the basis for my spiritual life, but it is hard to convince others of that possibility, when there are so many hypocrites using his name to exclude others. Continue reading RLL – The Hypocritical Version…

LOM – Some Are Forced, Some Seek It Out…

Some people are forced to the margins, some seek them out, but for most it is likely a little of both. Being marginalized against your will is most often a bad thing. But sometimes good things can come from being forced there. Things that result in positive action. A case in point is the Republican Party’s attempts to keep people of color from voting. That … Continue reading LOM – Some Are Forced, Some Seek It Out…

LOM – I am A Word Collector

I recently watched a new episode of Last Tango In Halifax which is a British TV show about two retirees who were in love in their youth meeting again and getting married. I have to say I am watching much more British TV now than ever before. Endevour is probably my favorite. But, that’s another post… Anyway, on that show, one of the retirees mentioned … Continue reading LOM – I am A Word Collector

What About The Founding Fathers??

The cartoon above from ProgressiveChristianity is probably the most effective way to counter those like the previous Supreme Court Justice Scalia. He proclaimed that he always looked at the constitution as what the founding father intent was. In other words he viewed the world with 18th century eyes and ignored anything since then. When the Constitution was written, it was law that African Americans were … Continue reading What About The Founding Fathers??

Those Cheating On Their Taxes

Wealthy Americans are concealing large amounts of income from the I.R.S. There is a very easy way to fix that. When During World War II, the federal government started withholding income taxes from workers’ paychecks. The withholding system remains the cornerstone of income taxation, effectively preventing Americans from lying about wage income. Employers submit an annual W-2 report on the wages paid to each worker, … Continue reading Those Cheating On Their Taxes

RLL – The Fundemental Differences Between Evangelical and Progressive Christians

Before I get started talking about those who proclaim the Progressive Christian mantel I thought it would be best to give you what I see as the foundations of both Evangelicals and Progressive Christians. Of course, in about 500 words, so this has to be a truncated version of the story. Progressive Christians Progressive Christianity has been around for more than 500 years now. It … Continue reading RLL – The Fundemental Differences Between Evangelical and Progressive Christians