White Supremacists and the Military

I see where it was discovered that many of the domestic terrorists who attacked the Capital building were trained in their tactics by the US military. That shouldn’t have come as a surprise to anyone. The new Secretary of Defense is making it a priority to try to prevent future terrorists from getting that free training. That is a good thing, but I kinda think that is going to be very difficult to do due to how the military is structured.

Domestic terrorists and the military are basically attuned to each other. White supremacists are all about taking control of the country to insure that whites stay in control as they have for most of our country’s history. They think they can crank down all this “equality” stuff if they have absolute control. Isn’t that a primary assumption of the military? The whole military chain-of-command is based on unquestionably doing whatever your superior tells you to do. Question just aren’t welcome except by court martial. You must do everything thing I say without question or hesitancy.

This mentality makes the military an enticing place for those attuned to white supremacy, doesn’t it? It very much follows their beliefs in doing what you are told. The US military is probably the least regulated body on earth. We give them a half a trillion bucks a year and don’t hold them accountable for how they spend any of it. Pre-Trump there was a task force set up to try and find where the military budgets were spent. After two years of intensive study and $400 million they came to the conclusion that given military structure it is impossible to even begin to figure out where they spend our money. There are so many pigeonholes where a million here, a million there that no one could possibly find them all.

Getting back to the main point of this post, I suppose there is a way to maybe get the military out of the domestic terrorist training business, but it won’t happen until the people demand accountability and enforceable oversight of the whole organization. It is interesting to see that now that we have a recently retired 5 star general as Secretary of Defense this topic is finally being discussed. Maybe he knows something that the rest of us don’t?

We spend billions of bucks each year to protect our “boys” in the service, and at the same time deny millions of other “boys and girls” acceptable healthcare or even a little help keeping food on the table. It is ironic that we spend five times the amount of money on our military than anyone else in the world while having kids go to bed hungry at the levels of a third-world country.

We have military bases in so many countries that are very capable of defending themselves. It’s time for a top-to-bottom look at our military establishment. Maybe then we can quit pouring so much money into a bottomless bucket.

2 thoughts on “White Supremacists and the Military

  1. Yes we do spend useless dollars on the military that far exceeds anyone else on the planet. We hit the lotto on national security due to the Atlantic, Pacific and neighbors with weak militaries. You can’t get any more secure than that. No country, terrorist group or foreign political persuasion could possibly send enough troops to this country to defeat us and keep control of us. We continue to overfund the military out of irrational fear. The republicans vote for endless military budget increases out of fear. The democrats go right along with them out of fear of appearing unpatriotic. Right now military budgets are at least 50% of discretionary spending. In the not too distant future interest on the national debt will force some major rethinking. This problem did not exist until after WWII. A conscious decision was made in the government to have a permanently ready army. We then used “the commies are coming” to stoke fear into the population and insure support of ridiculous spending. The commies were never coming! Infinite spending will never satisfy irrational fear.
    Numerous studies have pegged the percentage of the population that favors authoritarian leadership at between 30% and 40%. Take a guess where many of these folks seek employment, the military and police forces. We must exercise civilian oversight of both institutions or risk losing everything.


    1. Thanks again for the thoughts Fred. I think the main thing about government is accountability and the Defense Dept is by far the worst. What Biden is trying to do is good, but a department by department rework would probably accomplish more long term. Business practices in the private sector have been changing dramatically in this century and will change more as a result of the pandemic, and the public sector needs to do the same. Doing that would likely result in more saved revenue than what the infrastructure initiative will cost.


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