McConnell’s Backfire & The Coming Implosion Of The GOP

I just don’t know how much longer the GOP can exist. For as long as I can remember, they invariably shoot themselves in the foot on a regular basis. Yeah, McConnell is doing everything that he can think of to hold on to the GOP base. The problem with that is that the base is constantly shrinking because of the stupid things he says. Talk about a “Catch 22”, but he put himself into it.

I see where the polls show 24% of the voting age population now claims to be Republican. Of course, that number is shrinking daily as Millennials and Gen Zs by the millions are coming to voting age every month. It seems hardly any of them will jump on board the GOP’s “Fear Everything” train.

Mitch’s latest blunder is shown in the editorial cartoon above. In case you didn’t see it, he told corporations to stay the hell out of politics when Coca-Cola and Delta Air Lines came out against Georgia’s latest “Jim Crowe” laws intended to keep as many people of color from voting as possible. Soon after his threatening announcement Major League Baseball announced that they were moving this year’s All-Star game out of Atlanta in protest of those laws.

Now a couple of weeks later hundreds of companies united to oppose him. It looks like the GOP coffers are even now taking a hit. This “McConnell foot shot” just may be one of the last nails in the GOP coffin, or at least I can hope so.😎

Hundreds of corporations including Amazon, Google, Warren Buffett, have released a statement about the “discriminatory legislation”. Of course the comeback from the GOP is that they are accusing the corporate world of siding with the Democratic Party. Not very creative, but they are not a creative party.

But of course, many companies have held back because they fear the backlash from the Republican controlled legislatures in very red States will take away their tax advantages that allow them to pay almost zero taxes. It is nice to see corporations speaking out when our democracy is threatened, but the bottom line will almost always take precedence over corporate morality, at least for now.

Biden’s plan to move minimum corporate taxes back to pre-Trump levels and to close all loopholes that allow them to shirk their responsibilities is in the works now. I don’t know when the GOP obstructions dam will finally break, but I can kinda see hints of it now.

I don’t want to you think that the Democrats are without blame in all this gridlock. I promise I am coming out in the near future with a “stinging” post about them also. We deserve a better government than both parties are presently providing.🥸

In closing, it is ironically tragic that the GOP has chosen the strategy of resisting the inevitable. If they had just taken another approach we would be a quite different country. Instead of fighting for continual white supremacy they had taken the tract of welcoming everyone to a place at the table…

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