Breaking My Routine..

Two of my strongest traits are frequently in conflict with one another. They are planning/list making and embracing change. I know part of my Aspie traits are that I must keep things orderly in my life. To that end I have always had dozens of lists and databases to help me manage the various thing I do. I love juggling several things at a time, but they must be done in an orderly manner.

Embracing change often means ignoring the lists and just doing something different. I am easily bored when things become too settled. When I retired from the corporate world I opened a cabinet/furniture making business that had reasonable success. But after six years I decided that I had sucked in enough wood dust and abruptly shut it down. It just wasn’t a challenge anymore, so I lost interest. That seems to be the modus- operandi for my life. When I get comfortable with something it’s time to move on to something different. 😎

RJsCorner has been part of my daily life for ten years now. I still enjoy it as much as that first day, but in my mind it needs a constant refresh. So, I am going through the second major update this year. The first one was to break out some topics to new blogs, the second was to put them back together but in a better format.

Finally, to get to the point of this post, I recently read in the monthly AARP magazine a short article as shown below entitled “Break Your Routine”.

The human brain evolved to embrace daily routine because it is safe and predictable. But doing and learning new things forces us to focus, effectively slowing down time. (This is why time seemed slower when we were kids; everything was new, and we were constantly learning.) Lifelong learning may even fight Alzheimer’s and dementia, scientists at the University of Michigan say. The solution is simple: Practice doing or learning something new every single day.

Author: Micheal Easter

Learning something new every single day is one of my mottos in life. It’s nice to know that it is beneficial to my daily mental health as well.