Refusing The Vaccine…

The above headline came from CNN on my daily news feed this morning. It sounds pretty dreadful that 153 hospital workers have refused to be vaccinated. These are the types of titles that get all the attention. The greater shock value the more likely they will be seen. CNN, and just about everyone else, knows this. The problem is that the title is a very … Continue reading Refusing The Vaccine‚Ķ

Good God / Vengeful God…

I am going to get back on my Old vs New Testament soapbox for this Sunday, but first I want to bring up some interesting statistics that I recently discovered. For the first time since data has been taken, less than half of US citizens proclaim to belong to a religious congregation. Of course, one of the primary reasons is likely MAGA/White Evangelicals. A big … Continue reading Good God / Vengeful God‚Ķ

You’re On Your Own – Being Your Own Doctor

This post is part of the series about my experiences with today’s version of American healthcare, particularly associated with my wife’s fifty days and counting exposure to it after her fourth heart attack. I’m sure I have interfaced with at least two dozen MDs in the last month and none of them, including my wife’s PCP, seem to look beyond one of her many present … Continue reading You’re On Your Own – Being Your Own Doctor

Country Living… Looking Elsewhere

My generation always dreamed of the ‚Äúcountry life‚ÄĚ. It was simpler than the hectic city version where trees and greenery replaced blacktop. Many of us dreamed of living in the country. When I retired some twenty years ago, I was one of those, but now I kinda regret it. My regrets are mostly centered around my idea of ‚ÄúLumpi Trumpies‚ÄĚ, that is, those who are … Continue reading Country Living‚Ķ Looking Elsewhere

On The Road Canada ‚Äď Day 11 -13: St. Lawrence River, New Brunswick

This is another OTR from my blog RJsTravels which is in hiatus while I try to bring it back to RJsCorner. The next report will be originated here. This was one of my most pleasant trips I have taken. Day 11 I watched the sun come up this morning over the St. Lawrence River. It was 5:00am here when that event occurred.  It turns out … Continue reading On The Road Canada ‚Äď Day 11 -13: St. Lawrence River, New Brunswick

It’s Time For A Divorce

There is so much of the Old Testament that still drives many versions of Christianity, especially among White Evangelicals. They seem to be fixated on the wrath of God rather than the love of Jesus. The vast majority of the source of that wrath comes from the Old Testament. It‚Äôs time for a new version of Christianity that focuses totally on the words of Jesus. … Continue reading It‚Äôs Time For A Divorce

Our Federal Government Is In Serious Need Of Reform

I just got finished reading about how nursing home rating are for the most part useless. They depend entirely on the homes to rate themselves and pass a few health inspections. It was found that 5 star home fared no better than 1 star in the number of COVID deaths. Looking at it from a higher level I see two MAJOR difficulties with government actually … Continue reading Our Federal Government Is In Serious Need Of Reform

It Can Change In An Instant РPart 1 РToo Much Data…

Change comes whether we want it to or not, especially when you are a senior citizen. I learned that once again when my wife had her fourth heart attack recently. This one was worse than the three others combined. These four weeks in a hospital and rehab center left me with a new perspective on priorities, relationships, and selfishness. I will talk about all three … Continue reading It Can Change In An Instant – Part 1 – Too Much Data‚Ķ