Normal Is Relative

Given that my world was turned upside down forty days ago, daily life is just not the same now. Since my wife’s recent heart attack and a slew of other serious problems that followed it, my daily routine has been obliterated. Given my Aspie traits, routines and schedules have been a critical part of how I live my life. It is proving hard to adapt to this new “normal”.

I have stubbornly tried to live by the same routine as before, but that seems impossible. Ironically, given that I also embrace change, I am looking for a new normal. My most productive time of the day are mornings. I must recognize that fact and try to accommodate it. I am trying to get back to blogging here on my corner, but I don’t know if it will ever be daily as it was before? And, I’m sure the content will see some significant changes.

World or even U.S. events just don’t seem as important to me as they were. Now that Trump is out of office, I really don’t care what the politicians are arguing about anymore, so current events in that area will move more to the background. I know my viewer count will suffer because of that, but I really don’t care that much now. I will just cherish my loyal viewers who might stick around.

Going forward, I anticipate that more of RJsCorner will be dedicated to philosophical things. That is looking at life from a higher level and staying out of the gutters of life as much as possible. I have always been fascinated but philosophy and psychology, maybe I will tinker more in those areas.

One of my fellow bloggers who started down this path pretty much the same time as I, abruptly announced that he is stopping his blog effective immediately. That kind of shocked me, but since his blog focused on a narrow topic, and there was little left to say, he felt it had run its course. Since RJsCorner covers such a wide venue of life, I don’t think that will happen to me. I will likely continue blogging until I draw my last breath. 🙄 (and I kinda suspect that Bob will be back sooner than later with a new blog on a different topic.) Blogging just gets in your blood, and it is hard to let go of.

I will also give you a good dose of posts from my daily journal, at least as much as I care to share. 😎 My life is full of experiences that most never have. Being a liberal deaf Aspie is a combination that I share with dramatically few people on this earth. But I will continue to make Saturdays about my photos and other visual arts, and Sundays about my spiritual journey through life. Both those areas are still on my priority list.

I hope you stick around RJsCorner, but if you don’t, I will certainly understand.

2 thoughts on “Normal Is Relative

  1. Certainly you have been through several serious life changing adjustments. Finding what feels like “normal” is going to take both time and adjustments to what is comfortable for you. I have every confidence you will, and find a new sense of focus.

    As you guessed, I have several ideas for a future blog. I am giving myself a few months break from the daily routine. Whatever I do, though, will not be focused on retirement!

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  2. I’m glad to hear that you are thinking of coming back with a new blog. It does get in your blood doesn’t it? My Aspie traits almost demand that I speak my mind without filters. That gets me in trouble quite frequently, but it does keep RJsCorner and ever-changing place. I wouldn’t have it any other way. It makes life more interesting.

    The only suggestion I can give you is that when planning your new blog make sure it has wheels so that it can freely move from one topic to another.

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