Country Living… Looking Elsewhere

My generation always dreamed of the “country life”. It was simpler than the hectic city version where trees and greenery replaced blacktop. Many of us dreamed of living in the country. When I retired some twenty years ago, I was one of those, but now I kinda regret it.

My regrets are mostly centered around my idea of “Lumpi Trumpies”, that is, those who are Lazy Minded Proudly Ignorant Trump Adorers. Eighty percent of those who recently voted in my county voted for that despicable person. It is also one of the lowest counties in the U.S. for COVID-19 vaccinations. When I now see almost everyone without masks, I am constantly reminded of all the LMPI’s among them.

Yes, the scenery is still pretty much the same as it was, but everything else is very tarnished to me. My Aspie traits demand logic in everything I do, so I just can’t make sense of almost everyone around me now. I feel very much as if I am living behind enemy lines! I think maybe it is time to start looking for another home where there are fewer “Lumpi Trumpies”.