Wall Art

It’s time to brush off my picture directory and post something here at RJsCorner. I plan, going forward, to make Saturdays dedicated to that purpose. I don’t know if advertisements on the side of buildings qualify as wall art, but to me, they definitely do. Now I admit I am usually turned to the ones that have almost faded from view, but this one from … Continue reading Wall Art

I’m Stuck In the 1960’s and 70’s

Sadly, there are many Vietnam vets who are stuck inside their war experiences throughout their life. I’m not one of those, as I flunked my draft physical due to hearing loss and therefore avoided that tragic consequence. Where I am stuck in that time is the music I loved. When the 1980’s came around I was losing my hearing at a pretty rapid pace and … Continue reading I’m Stuck In the 1960’s and 70’s

End Of Life Trauma – Part 2 Pandemic Rules…

This is part 2 of my wife’s two-and-a-half month ordeal with end-of-life trauma. My wife’s two-week hospital stay was in May, so the pandemic was beginning to ease up. Most businesses in my area had dropped the mask requirement for vaccinated people. We were vaccinated in early March, so most of our paranoid fears were moot by this time. But, it seems the hospital was … Continue reading End Of Life Trauma – Part 2 Pandemic Rules…

Innovation Is A Margin Thing…

Let’s face it, nothing much comes from the mainstream except task forces, meeting, and other such mundane things. Innovation almost always happens on the margins. Innovation by its very definition is not mainstream. The only way paradigm type change comes is through out-of-the-box thinking. Far too many of us just go with the flow and don’t make waves. We draw our salary and do as … Continue reading Innovation Is A Margin Thing…

Pretending To Have All The Answers

Perhaps the thing that has turned me off the most to today’s version of organized religion is that each version is absolutely convinced that their truths are the only real ones. No matter how small or large the group is, they believe that the pieces of the Bible that they gleaned from the rest are the “true” messages from God. As John Spong said above, … Continue reading Pretending To Have All The Answers

RetComLife #1 – Introducing RetComLife

The new RJsCorner is going to include stories about my current life and times. I now reside in a retirement community and just didn’t know what to expect before I came. I have been here about three weeks now, but most of my furniture is still at the homestead. It will be coming within the next week. How I ended up here so quickly after … Continue reading RetComLife #1 – Introducing RetComLife

End Of Life Trauma – Part 1 The ER

This is the first of I don’t know how many posts, documenting my two and a half months of being consumed by healthcare issues relating to the last days of my wife’s life. Why am I doing this? I am doing this because I was almost totally unprepared for what was going to happen, and I hope by giving you my story, you will be … Continue reading End Of Life Trauma – Part 1 The ER

Internalized Capitalism

Let’s start off this post on some thoughts of the mainstream. There really is not “one” mainstream, instead they are more like tributaries feeding into one massive deluge. Of course, there are the Lumpi-Trumpies (Lazy Minded/Proudly Ignorant) who get so much attention today. There is likely not an original thought among them. 😵‍💫 There are also those who follow each other down one path or … Continue reading Internalized Capitalism

Welcoming Others…

America has for most of my lifetime been a country who welcomes others. That was severely changed for the four years that despicable person occupied the Oval Office. It is just strange to me that so many who call themselves Christians do the exact opposite of the above! Thankfully, there are enough progressive Christians who will carry this mantel. Those who are afraid of so … Continue reading Welcoming Others…

End Of Life Trauma – Starting At The End

I have been away from RJsCorner for more than two months now dealing with health issues of my beloved wife. I will start off with the end and then take you through the process to how we got here. My wife of 36 years passed away on Wednesday and was buried yesterday. Yeah, we had our spats like all married couples did, but she was … Continue reading End Of Life Trauma – Starting At The End

My World Turned Upside Down

I hope some of my regular readers are still around after this almost three month absence. Plainly speaking, my world has been turned upside down during this period.. I have lots of experiences and feelings to tell you about, and I am almost ready to go back to my regular schedule. This time will do much to shape RJsCorner into something that is more contemplative … Continue reading My World Turned Upside Down