It Grieves Me…

the picture painted with oil paints. requiem. (Especially in the Roman Catholic Church) a Mass for the repose of the souls of the dead.

In the new RJsCorner I will pretty much limit my political posts to one day a week and that is on Monday.

I have for the most part been away from all this political madness for more than two months now, but it is impossible to ignore all the “LMPI Trumpies”/Anti-Vaxxers out there. They still cling to an unhinged madman. They continue to spew out all the fictional Fox News talking points and parrot almost everything he says. It grieves me as to how far gone so many around me seem to be. It is simply beyond convincing them of the utter mistake they are sadly making.

I know I am not alone in these feelings. It demoralizes me to have to share this country with those who think Trump is someone to emulate. To be surrounded by this moral depravity on a daily basis has been painful. We, as a country, have to find a way to keep moving forward despite them.

I have found a personal way to get away from many of these lazy minded, proudly ignorant clansmen. I now live in a county that is almost the exact opposite of the one I just left, even if it is only 25 miles away from the original homestead. Surrounding my old home, 80% of the people voted for Trump and parrot whatever they are told. In my new home, I am surround by 80% of people who look on him as I do. What’s the difference?

My new home is in a college town, and my old was amongst a very rural, and pretty much an uneducated population. My old home is where 80% of the population have not been vaccinated, but almost no one wears a mask. My new home is the opposite. There are still many who just don’t feel comfortable going into the public without a mask. That’s OK. Much better than the alternative.

Just being able to get away has meant much to my daily life. So, yes Janette, I have finally managed to move. I am no longer behind enemy lines.

I don’t want to finish off this post with the idea that I didn’t enjoy anyone in my old county, in which I resided for more than twenty years. There are many people there who I will miss seeing on a daily basis. They are kind-hearted, loving folks who I will call friends even from a slightly further distance.

But, make no mistake, I am very happy to finally be shed of all those LMPI (Lazy Minded Proudly Ignorant) Trumpies that have turned that beautiful landscape of my old home into a bitter swamp of ignorance.