Internalized Capitalism

Let’s start off this post on some thoughts of the mainstream. There really is not “one” mainstream, instead they are more like tributaries feeding into one massive deluge. Of course, there are the Lumpi-Trumpies (Lazy Minded/Proudly Ignorant) who get so much attention today. There is likely not an original thought among them. 😵‍💫

There are also those who follow each other down one path or another. They might be more educated and make more money, but they still have problems thinking for themselves. Self-esteem is secondary to keeping up with the Joneses, so to speak. These are the folks who are the topic of this particular post.

Far too many of us are guilty of internalizing capitalism. When that happens, your worldview changes significantly. Making money and being “successful” is all that matters. They forget things like family, empathy, self-worth in order to chase the almighty dollar.

What are the signs that you might be internalizing capitalism:

  1. You feel guilty for resting – It doesn’t bother you that you put your job over your family, spiritual life, or much of anything else. You think that if you need to take time to just sit back and rest, something must be wrong with you.
  2. Your self-worth is largely based on doing well in your career – What you do outside your job is of little significance in your life.
  3. You place your productivity above your health – You simply don’t have time to take care of your physical or mental health. Your work is all consuming of your time.
  4. You believe that hard work = happiness – This one is perhaps the most damaging. Happiness comes from within you, it can’t be gained from money or prestige.
  5. You feel lazy, even when you are experiencing pain, trauma, or adversity – When you don’t allow trauma or adversity to have a proper role in your life you are basically giving up your humanity.

I must admit that there were times in my life that I internalized capitalism. I am not proud of that fact. I was simply too lazy to realize that “real” life is lived on the margins, not in the mainstream. We margin-livers see the above list for what it is. Wealth has little to do with happiness and should take a back burner in life. It’s as simple as that.

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