Incoherent Ramblings…

I got a lot of things spinning around in my mind this morning, so I am just going to spew them all out at once. 😎

I don’t know what it is about popular opinion that makes me immediately look at the alternative? It just seems like most popular opinion is just the easy way to look at something. It takes thought and effort to come up with the nuanced approach to challenge much of anything.

Life On The Margins means staying out of the mainstream. So, I guess you could say that being a contrarian is just a fundamental part of that world. The two words that pop into my brain whenever I am confronted with some new thought or trend is “why” and “but”. Why is this popular opinion even here? Who started it? Let’s look at the alternative before signing on to this approach.

Of course, the anti-vaxxers are driving me crazy. The Florida governor, who seems to near the top of that heap, ignores all those in his state who are dying daily from the virus under his leadership. No, I shouldn’t call it leadership, It is more of a Lumpi-Trumpie (Lazy Minded/Proudly Ignorant Trump cult member) rant. Let’s face it, Lumpi-Trumpies just don’t have an ounce of sense. 🤬 That pisses me off (yeah, I use curse words once in a while) that all these folks are the ones primarily responsible for the current surge of the virus. It is their fault we are where we are today. We should be looking at blue skies, instead of more storm clouds on the horizon. Shame on them!!

I am taking their ignorance at a personal level as I see my time in one area of my life quickly disappearing. I have spent the last 6 years designing and fabricating my µRV. It is kinda my “boat in the basement” thing in that I will likely never use it enough to justify the cost of fabricating it. But, now I wonder if I will be able to use it post-pandemic at all!!

When the vaccine became available, I had hopes of going on a 4-6 week trip this year, similar to what John Steinbeck did in his book “Travels with Charlie – In Search of America”. But now I wonder if that is even going to be possible? Due to so much ignorance, it looks like this pandemic will go into 2022 and maybe beyond. I’m not getting any younger, and I know my balance is getting more unstable due to my age and my deafness. If I can’t make this trip soon, then I may have to permanently scuttle it! I hate that thought.

If the Lumpi-Trumpies don’t cause me to leave this bucket item unfulfilled, then global warming probably will. One of my primary destinations is to travel the length of US 1 along the California coast. With all the fires out there now, I’m not sure California will even be there if I do go. Sadly, this adventure may not happen now…

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