One of the most difficult things for people who are hearing challenged is to admit that they are. I have been blogging since 2008, and it took me two years to finally admit that I was deaf. I had it in my mind that my readers would look at me differently if they knew that I haven’t heard a sound for 20 years.

But, instead, I think that being deaf is a reason that some of you ARE reading these words. You celebrate diversity by understanding adversity. 😉 I have learned a lot about myself and deafness/hearing loss in these intervening years, and can’t even estimate how many of my almost 5,000 posts here on RJsCorner are at least related to my deafness.

As a sort of celebration of that “coming out” so many years ago, I want to point you to that first “I Am Deaf” post 13 years ago.

Click HERE to See it.

BTW … For those of you who were expecting another “End Of Life Trauma” post, I want to let you know that will come next Wednesday. I just need more time to thrash it out, This will likely be the most emotional and difficult post I have written in my 13-years on RJsCorner, and I want to make sure it is just “right”.