10 Million Job Openings/8.4 Million Unemployed??

It seems like it is an oxymoron that there are more jobs available than there are workers to take them. But, we must realize that this condition was brought on by some radical changes in our society. This looks like a boom-time situation, but there is in reality a huge mismatch between the opportunities and the available talent. It could also be that workers are no longer willing to take the jobs at the pay levels being offered.

I know from a personal standpoint that services are suffering as a result of needed staff in my retirement community. The house cleaning services has been changed from weekly to once every two weeks. The kitchen and restaurant staff shortages have resulted in a significantly reduced quality of the meals provided.

In the coming weeks, the $300 weekly federal benefits will disappear, and self-employed and gig workers lose unemployment aid entirely. These things will likely cause a shift in the balance of power between employment and unemployment. There is also 3.6 million people have retired during this pandemic. That is two million more than usual over that period of time.

Educators and healthcare workers have quit their jobs at a rate that goes back to 2002. Of course, much of that is due to burnout. Eventually, this will all come into balance as it always does.

  • Once this pandemic is over and all the extra benefits to the unemployed have dried up, the options to staying unemployed will almost disappear, and then things will come into balance.
  • Once employers are convinced that they must share the profits of their business with the workers, and not just themselves or their stockholders, things will come into balance.
  • Once the Democrats, who currently control government spending discover that throwing cash at those who really just need better paying jobs is not a long-term solution, things will iron themselves out.
  • Once Republicans, who are spewing out their anger and misinformation, and partisan lies, realize that nothing successful can be built on untruths, fear, and panic, they just might be able to salvage their party from its almost certain eventual demise, then good things will happen for all of us.
  • Once corporations realize that their employees are not liabilities but instead assets who are to be treasured and justly compensated, the economy will come back to real boom times.

Many things need to happen to bring our economy back into balance, but I am convinced that we can do just that, as we have in the past. It’s time we as a whole started looking at the silver linings instead of constantly fixating on the dark clouds.

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