We Need To Figure Out Nation Building…

As plainly speaking as possible, we need to figure out nation building before we get into our next inevitable war. I know our purpose for going into Afghanistan was a noble cause, we wanted to bring a stable government to a very unstable country and region of the world. But, like all the other times, we utterly failed to accomplish that, but spent trillions stubbornly trying to do it.

At least until recently, we have had noble purposes for invading another country. Unlike so many past super-powers, we weren’t interested in taking over the country. Instead, we are usually interested in making them into miniature versions of ourselves. Of course, everything now is about making our political opponents look bad, so nation-building should be totally off the table before we can resolve this ugly situation.

Since our military/industrial complex pretty much runs the country now, one of the fundamental things to make nation-building a possibility is simply impossible. 😎 We need to first determine whether it is even remotely possible to do so successfully. You know the old saying that when all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

I’m not a big international thinker, but even I can see that most of the countries in the Middle-East have never had a stable government. They simply don’t have the slightest idea on how to accomplish that. They have been ruled for thousands of years by one ideological/religious tribe, until another one replaces them. The idea of “forcing” the people of a country to do something that is totally foreign to them is just not possible. Every country in the world, including even us, has forced change internally.

I just look at all the wars in my lifetime and see all the trillions and trillions of bucks that could have been spent on much nobler causes than nation-building. Things like healthcare for all, and reducing our stupid murder rates. Other countries, not interested in nation-building, have accomplished those things long ago. When will we ever learn? It makes no sense to me!!

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