Sometimes, Once A Day, Is Not Enough…

I’m sure I got some of you imagining all sorts of things that finish off the title of this post. 🥸 Some probably think I am going to discuss a James Bond movie. Some probably have a saucier thought in mind. But, I am a 75-year-old guy, so put that out of your thoughts. Once a day would be plenty enough 🤪

Let me explain what I mean.

As I write these words, I have 22 different posts in the draft process. I admit that I do have some periods of creative drought, so these posts help span those times. But, often times I end up throwing away some interesting thoughts because there is just no room to fit them in my daily blogging schedule.

In order to keep variety in my weekly posts, I usually allocate a certain category of posts to different days of the week.

  • Monday is for worldly things like global warming, and gridlock.
  • Tuesday is a for “Life on the margins” /Aspie/Deaf issues
  • Wednesday is reserved for an extended series (currently Emotions).
  • Thursday is a freestyle day
  • Friday is about my “RetComLife” (retirement community life) continuing series
  • Saturday is for pictures/creativity things
  • Sunday is often used for spiritual things, but that emphasis will be reduced going forward. I have just about had my say about this category. It’s time to move on. A poisoned political dart has hit the church, and I’m not certain if it can survive…

I am certainly a jack-of-all-trades blogger, and this schedule is intended to keep it that way. Of course, I can, and often do, throw away the above schedule when something else comes up.

Let’s finally get to the point of this particular post. I hesitate to put out more than one post per day, but I don’t want to throw away good material. I know your time is valuable, so I don’t want to use more of it. 🙄 Will the dilemmas never cease. To sort of compromise, I may put out a few btw (by the way) posts, in addition to my daily offering. I promise I will keep them short. 😎

I am a writer and a thinker, that is what I do

I couldn’t fit everything I wanted to say about my writing process in one 500 word post, so tomorrow is part 2. 😜

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