50 Years From Now…

50 years from now I will certainly be worm food, but maybe not. If I am cremated I don’t think they would much like the ashes. 🤪 Ok, enough silliness, let’s get to the point.

50 years from now people will be astonished that it took an 8,000 lb vehicle to move a one-hundred pound person from point A to point B. How crude! And wasteful!

I don’t know when we as humans living on a small planet in a small galaxy will ever learn how wasteful we were of the earth’s finite resources. My generation seemed to have wasted way more than our share. I am ashamed of that, but I kinda think we Baby Boomers did more good than bad. I wonder what they will say about us 50 years from now. Heck, I even wonder what medium they will be using then. I’m sure they will have moved well beyond our laptops and e-books.

When I was a young boy, everyone but us whites were shoved to the margins of society. Those “other” people who we at least tolerated had to have their own water fountains, schools, hotels and about everything else, so they wouldn’t pollute our part of the world. Civil rights of the 60s changed all that. I still remember when Medicare was instituted! I wonder when it will be universal?

We also started environmental consciousness. I can still remember when I read about the Cuyahoga river near Cleveland catching on fire. That is unheard of today. The middle-class rose beyond almost all expectations during our time. Of course, there is still a lot that needs to be done. I wish I could live to see true equality and justice in our country, but that is probably decades away, if ever.

History is constantly being revised to be more objective as time goes by. I would love to see what the history books say about us Baby Boomer long after the last of us have died. I am at the front of the herd, so there are 75 million more of us heading toward retirement homes in the coming decades. We seem to have changed almost everything we have touched. I wonder how we will reshape that industry?

I wonder if those taking our places will be able to accomplish things that we failed at. Things like universal healthcare, color-blind justice, and global warming. Every generation has its challenges. I hope they are up to it.

I will close out this post by taking some of the color off the bloom. Not all Baby-Boomers were on board with the changes we created. Some of them, like the current Senate minority leader, continue to try to block everything that he decides is progressive. I hope history, 50 years from now, doesn’t paint us all by his very dark brush.

4 thoughts on “50 Years From Now…

  1. I’m personally ready for self-driving cars to be readily available. During the periods when I was approaching my first brain surgery, recovering from it, and then figuring out I was going to have a repeat on the other side, I couldn’t drive because of the combination of auto-immune illness and the effect of anti-seizure meds I needed during that time. I thought I’d never drive again, so we sold my beloved older but low-mileage Acura. My husband squired me around everywhere, locking him into caretaker status. I can drive myself now, but I have a friend who is wheelchair bound in another small town some distance away, without a car, and cannot easily manage even doctor visits. No mass transit options exist, and she hasn’t been able to rustle up any other reliable solution right now. I think how different her life would be if she could manage those visits as well as ones to her local senior center, just as mine and my husband’s would have been different during that time when I could not easily manage driving, but could be attentive to whether I needed to intervene. I think how much of a burden they might take off the working children and spouses of us Boomers as e age further.


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