I have always been fascinated by murals, but when I recently saw the topic discussed on the PBS Newshour it gave me the insight for future µRV trips. Click HERE to see the PBS report. I know I need another hobby/interest like I need a hole in my head, but I do need things that increase my happiness in my final years, and this seems like a good one.

I present you with two of my favorite murals. They were taken in Old Town Quebec Canada about 10 years ago. On the picture to the right the whole facade of the five-story building is a mural. I couldn’t believe it when I first say it.

The second picture was on the edge of town and the whole thing, except for the green fence was a mural.

With this added attention to murals, I guess I will have to dust off my photo library to make a special group dedicated to this new hobby. To start off this new focused hobby I just got a book entitled “A Guide to Chicago’s Murals

2 thoughts on “Murals

  1. About four months ago, our electric co-op featured small-town murals in our area of Central Texas. In our own town, art guild members have painted many murals on public buildings and even electrical boxes around town. Neighboring towns have everything from contemporary murals to 1930’s era WPA projects. Although we cannot travel far due to medical issues and Covid concerns, we take short mural-related excursions when we can. They require only an hour to a few hours of our day.


    1. Thanks for the info Linda. Since I wrote the post I am finding books and such on just about every major city. I think this will be an interesting new interest for me, and as you say, hundreds can probably be found within a short drive.


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