Welcome To The New RJsCorner…

The New RJsCorner is taking a pretty serious shift from past content. Politics, and the ugliness that it entails, is no longer part of this site. The primary focus is now learning about the diversity of man, and accepting and maybe even celebrating those who are different from you. It is about my primary shift to a positive focus. I will leave the negative things that are so prevalent today to others.

For those of you who read RJsCorner from an off-line RSS feed, I thought I would first give you a glimpse of the new header format.

One primary thing that isn’t changing is my mantra

Think For Yourself / Question Everything / Never Stop Learning

The Life’s Rules banner to the left side of the header will be the topic for many future posts. I am also putting added emphasis on “Life on the Margins”. Its focus is everyone outside the mainstream, either by choice or circumstance. I have lived there most of my life because of both reasons, so I have a lot to say about margin living. I am also going into a strong teacher-mode for this category.

Another thing that won’t change is limiting each post to “500 words or less”. I am simply a short story author, novels have too many unnecessary words for me. 😎 And besides, you have more places you need to go than just here.

In case you missed it, here is my new focus that has driven me to where I presently am and will be reflected in the new RJsCorner going forward:

I pledge the rest of my life to being an advocate for those who have had serious adversity in life, particularly with deafness/hearing loss, autism, blindness and similar challenges. I pledge that I will do whatever I can to help them cope, and I will try to educate others to see them not as labels, but as people very much like themselves.

Via my new life goal, I will go more into the teacher mode here at RJsCorner trying to get those unfamiliar with deafness/hearing loss, Autism and other adversities to understand these things and to accept people for who are included in these groups for the people that they are. And to maybe even celebrate those differences as adding to the diversity of life.

Look for several new categories in the coming weeks that are intended to put a more positive spin on this site. If you like what you see, please let me know. If you don’t like it, let me know that too. Everything can stand improvements.

5 thoughts on “Welcome To The New RJsCorner…

    1. Hi Sharon, yeah it is just getting too much for me to wallow in all the negative stuff anymore. My views will likely slip, but my view of the world will become a more pleasant place going forward.


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