RetComLife #31 – The Second Day Cafe

It has been about two weeks now that my retirement community took away the cafe dining option and brought back the “sit and wait” as the only way to use my $350 monthly meal allocation. February was the only month in the eight months I have been here that I used even close to all of that monthly allotment. Before that, I seldom used more than a third of it. With the cafe option now gone, I am back to fixing my own meals in my apartment.

I made it clear to the staff that due to my deafness and Aspie traits, I have serious problems with turning my meal time into an uncomfortable social hour twice a day. I was given words of sympathy about that, and a promise that “maybe” some time in the future a more accommodating option “might” be provided.

I have been thinking of ways to nudge them to once again provide a cafe style dining option. Maybe one way is a “Second Day Cafe”. That is using the cafe as a place to serve what was not used in the sit-down dining room the day before. I wouldn’t mind eating yesterday’s menu. I know that left-overs are a major expense for most food establishments, so perhaps they will take a second look at this idea. 🥴

It is kind of ironic that when they announced that “sit and wait” would be the only way to get my food, they also presented a new standard menu. When I look at it, it screams over the counter service instead of sit down dining. Most of the things on this new menu can be prepared quickly.

For the first six months here, the food was for the most part, disappointing. It was obvious that the chef who had been here for 11 years, had lost his enthusiasm for the job and was just going through the motions. The new chef who came in with the new year has been a marked improvement. I think he is a pretty creative guy, and if the management would just give him more freedom on what he prepares, he would excel at what he does.

I want to say, once again, that I very much love my apartment here, and the staff and people are very friendly to me. It does pain me to criticize them. But, usually, nothing constructive happens without a little criticism.

3 thoughts on “RetComLife #31 – The Second Day Cafe

  1. Second Day Cafe, has a nice ring to it! I hope you get some consideration for your request. It makes a lot of since.
    I know my husband and I often have leftovers and I often tease that leftovers are one of my favorite things to make for dinner! It saves time energy and cert money. And on top of that while most things taste fine as leftovers, certain things, like meatloaf and chili actually taste better! Fingers crossed for you.


    1. Meatloaf and Chili… Yeah, me too. 🥴
      When you are cooking for one, you have lots of leftover meals, but they are tasty meals. It’s hard to make a pot of chili for one so when I make it I eat it five times that week.


  2. You might call it complaining, but your comments are helpful to those of us who might be making decisions about staying at home or moving in to such a place. I’ve learned much about the considerations that might be important to me.


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