My Farewell Tour?

I am now starting to plan for my farewell tour, but let me explain. I am taking my µRV on a “John Steinbeck – Travels with Charlie” type trip. I read that book for the first time as a teenager, and it thoroughly hooked me on Steinbeck novels. Before I left my teenage years I had read all his books. As I mentioned in a recent post, Steinbeck is one of my heroes who, among other things, showed me the empathy that engulfed my soul. Almost all of his books were about the trials and tribulations of common people.

John Steinbecks – Rocinante

For those who might not be familiar with Travels with Charlie it is a book about when Steinbeck made a custom camper on the back of a pickup truck. He then spent a few months on the road across the U.S. with his dog Charlie, writing stories along the way.

RJ’s Merv (µRV)

In 2013, I started making my own custom camper using a pickup with a cap on the back that I used to deliver my custom-made furniture during those first years after the corporate world. I spent seven years working on “Merv” which I dub my microRV. I finally finished it about this time last year. I think you can see the similarities between the two custom-made vehicles. They are intentional.

Travels with Charlie tells the stories of his adventure “In Search of America”. I don’t really know how many times I have read the book. A trip like that has been on my bucket list for 50 years, and it is finally about to happen. In the Steinbeck tradition I will be writing daily posts here are RJsCorner in my On-The-Road category.

For the purposes of my On-The-Road reports, I need to label this trip. Since it is happening pretty late in my life I decided to call it my Farewell Trip, but I am hoping that more will come after this one? So, maybe it won’t actually be a farewell. That brought to mind the farewell tours of the rock band KISS, they had 12 total. If they can do it, so can I. 😎 I doubt that there will be 12 of them, but I am hoping that at least a couple more follow.

The trip, which will be open-ended as far as time and secondary destination goes, will start the first week in May. Of course, I will be giving you more detail about it as it gets closer. Contrary to my character, this trip will be pretty much unscheduled. I have some major points that I want to visit or re-visit, but what happens in between them is anyone’s guess.

10 thoughts on “My Farewell Tour?

    1. I have decided that I am doing the trip despite any additional mutations of COVID. I simply can’t waste away my final years waiting for all this stuff to end.


  1. As a former RV owner, I understand the power of the call of the open road. I look forward to “Travels with RJ.”


    1. Yeah, I remember all your trips Bob. I hope I can do my posts on the subject as well as you did. Maybe I should take a hint from Betty and take lots of pictures. I did just get a new, simpler to use camera for it. Say hi to Betty for me, I hope she is doing well. I “may” be in the Phoenix area during this trip. If fate takes me there I will absolutely try to stop by and meet you in person.


    1. What a coincidence. I plan on reading in sometime in the next month or so, just to try and give my posts a “Steinbeck” flavor. I am limiting this leg to the South and Southwest.


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