Ignorance Is Bliss, But…

Ignorance is bliss, but it’s also a hand grenade waiting for the pin to be pulled.

I am excruciatingly tiring of all the bad news that seem to be all around us these days. I can’t wait for a day to go by where the news media don’t mention the word “Trump”.

I can’t wait for the virus to fade into the background, and where I can see people smile again. Maybe we just need to stop being fixated on it.

Now the Russian autocrat dominates the news on his quest to reassemble the USSR. I am tired of all the useless wars during my life.

But, if we all just choose to be blissfully ignorant, these things will just get worse and more frequent. Someone has to care, but I kinda think that is for those who have more of the life in front of them than behind. I have worried enough about all this stuff. So, I am pulling the pin, so to speak…

4 thoughts on “Ignorance Is Bliss, But…

  1. I agree that we need to limit receiving bad news, especially bad news over which we have little or no control. This post, however, helps me to identify another thing that I don’t like about senior living communities, that is, a preoccupation with the needs of seniors rather than the need for seniors to help improve the world for younger generations.


    1. Thanks for the thoughts, Rick. Senior living communities should be preoccupied with their customers, if they weren’t, they would not exist long.

      But, I certainly agree that seniors need to help improve the world for younger generations. Personally, I am giving almost all of my estate to a foundation that will provide financial need scholarships for nursing programs. I also support global warming causes and solar energy.

      I have problems with people who only recycle wealth to their children. That is more the reason to get back to taxing inheritance. It used to be 80% , now it is close to zero.


      1. I live in a nation where there is no inheritance/estate tax, gift tax or capital gains tax, so I’m unfamiliar with how it plays out in practice. Are you saying that whether or not your estate is taxed depends on who the beneficiaries are – if they are your descendants it is taxed, but not if it is a charity or someone else? Does it make any difference if you gift wealth before death instead of leaving it to your estate to distribute?


  2. Thanks for the questions, Barry. Taxes are something that I don’t think anyone in the U.S. really understands. Currently, anyone leaving less than about $3 million it is untaxed. It used to be that only official charities were that way. I don’t think there is a difference between your children or another person. But, I could be wrong about almost anything above. 😎


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